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Hairloss anyone?

Has anyone else noticed their hair thinning,could Gabapentin be the cause or can it happen when you have fibromyalgia? I am quite worried as i have noticed it over the past couple of weeks around the hairline it seems to be thinner and i can see more scalp,i am terrified of losing my hair,it's a nightmare this Fibromyalgia i feel like i am no longer in charge of my body.

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Hi della, yes i am loosing handfulls of hair , it is my worst nightmare too. I cant tolerate gabapentin, but take so many other meds. I lost hair because i lack iron which is bad enough, i get that sorted for the hair loss to really increase!

At least your post answers my own questions if the FM had anything to do with the hair loss. I think also it a mix of meds and FM. for all the hair loss the new growth replaced is grey and i dont want to be grey yet so dye it which isnt helping either!

hugs poppy xx


I had exactly the same and was terrified I was going bald!

Thankfully my stress levels are fairly level now and that seems to have halted it and it even seems to have grown back in a bit, Altho its nothing like as thick as it used to be only I can really tell the difference now.

Hope you get yours sorted, try not to worry to much as that only makes it worse what ever the cause.

Soft hugs, xx


im recovering from alopecia due to the stress of fibro and different meds, its about half inch now so slowly growing back x


These pasts few days my scalps been feeling a bit weird. Its been feeling irritatable, sensitive, and as if my hairs on the verge of falling out.

I think its probbaly due to stress (which I've been under recently) and the fibro. It should be fine - I hope.

Hope everyone heres okay.

Gentle hugs,

wanderingwallflower xx


This is so strange but my hair as got thicker and its gone wavy and it was straight , so decided to grow it into a curly bob xx


This is the best time for you to keep away from chemicals and go for herbal treatments. This really worked for me and no side effects.

this will really help you to get back your hairs, but its a slow process.


More and more people experience for a hair loss. All you have to do is take natural hair regrowth i have reloxe can help the body help itself. By giving your body the right combination of vitamins and minerals, hair can easily regrow. Another factor for baldness is environment and stress. Once you get rid of stress, you can live a healthier life and regrow your hair.


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