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25 minutes of walking = 3 days of aches

On Tuesday I walked to the village I live on the edge of, for slimming club. I have done this walk so many times before but not for about a year. My husband normally drops me off but he was out so I decided to walk. It used to take me 15 minutes. This time it took 25 minutes - not too bad I thought. I felt ok when I got there and all that evening.

On Wednesday when I woke up I felt like I had been exercising non-stop for a week. Every part of me ached and still does. I have had to take painkillers more often this last couple of days, something I was tying to avoid.

I was hoping to be able to do a charity walk next year but it looks like I won't be able to. I'm so frustrated.

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Hi Deebee, dont give up hun : )

nothing is impossible, perhaps you can enquire if you are able to use a scooter to do the walk. I know you would like to walk it yourself but as you are finding its hard work on your body. You might not like the idea of a scooter but you will still be in control and be able to get through the course on your own just with electric 'feet' and you could decorate the scooter with banners etc and have as much fun but with out the extra pain. you can hire scooter or maybe you could borrow one for such a good cause ... i can promise you that once you experiance the freedom of a scooter you will be come hooked

hugs poppy xx


Daft question but what shoes were you wearing? I feel exactly the same as you if I walk short distances in shoes with no shock absorbing qualities. Sometimes my hips are so bad I can't put any pressure on my legs at all but ever since I bought some shock absorbing trainers I've been able to walk short distances with very few after effects. I also always take co codamol before doing any exercise as this seems to help as a preventative measure. Hope you feel better soon. xx


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