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As you all know my laptop died this week and it is totally had it non repairable so was waiting for shop to callabout buying second hand one anyway my sister said i should get a netbook that would be better fro me lighter etc good idea i said will look into them when my daughter got home from work last night was discussing it she said yeah good idea we will go weekenfd and look ok i said (she up on all that stuff)

anyway off i go to bath and she shouts back in bit picking up my mate ok fine .

but that little monkey omly went to currys and bought me a netbook and bright pink cover andthe security disc to go with it how kind is that i dont know what i have done to deserve such a wonderful daughter but i will give her some money back for it as she is only an apprentice and i want her to have some money for it , but i cried i aid you cant do that she said well you gave me life i can do it if i want bless her i just was so shocked i think i have got the kindest daughters ever and family too i am so lucky to have them all love to you all diddle xxx

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awww how lovely diddle ,your a very lucky girl xxxx


lovely thought diddle hugs xxx


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