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jaw hurts and migrain come head ach

eveing all had a saw jaw and tenderness on 1 side leads up to temple area ,with numbness ,i know i suffer with conditon to do with the jaw ,sorry minds gone blank again lol , the tingling aswell now had a one hell of a headach come migrain which is affeting my eyes ,yesterday i had to have a filling in a bottem tooth ,just wandering wether its anything to do with that ,had fibro for long time time now ,can that be the problem do you know ,if this headach migrain doesnt clear by tommrow docters again , well tablets not working for me ,feeling tired but cant sleep latley mind wont shut off again ,even heard the birds singing this morning ,

all have a good nights sleep if possible ,

hugs to all of you xx

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Is TMJD the jaw condition?

This is usually a localised form of Myofascial Pain. It will be worsened by holding your jaw open for extended periods, such as when having dental work done. Myofascial trigger points in the jaw, neck and shoulders can cause recurrent migraine.

Are you on muscle relaxants or receiving injections for the TMJD?


I feel your pain, I have TMJ and dentist visits make it worse for sure, in fact a bad toothe extraction started it in the first place! I'm under a myofascial conultant and have never been offered muscle relaxants or injections, so will ask about them at my next appointment, thanks Lindsey! X


thank you for your replys yes it is tmjd ,I dont recive any treatments ,i was really bad during the night went to chemist this morning to be told see docter asap but as usaual cant get to see anybody while this afternoon , my mirgrain is still bad and feeling sick ,in house with sun glasses on as the light in chemist made it worse , when see doc today i will mention the muscle relaxants . cant carry on like this ,thank you lindsey ,will keep u all postede ,

I only had a filling in a bottem tooth ,xx


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