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What a nin I am!!

just had a call from my hair dresser she running 10 mins late OOPS!!!

i had forgotton all about the appointment, didnt even get any money out to pay her. luckily she phoned and very embarrisingly asked her if we could postponed

Feel awful that i forgot!, i did put it on the calender and still forgot.

Fibro fog and all have a lot to answer for grrrrrr!

hugs poppy

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Tell me bout it Poppy, I do things like that all the time even though I've set reminders on my phone etc. Its not got 2 stage as soon as I arrange something I tell my daughters and they ring 2 remind me the evening before. As u say fibro fog has at lot 2 answer 4. I would be completely lost without my daughters. Hugs to all Michele


lol! i usually relay on hubby but lately he's caught the fog! : D

his memory and words are all off - think he needs a rest!

hugs poppy xx


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