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I'm feeling very sorry for myself and just want to have enough energy to live

The pain is a pain if you get my drift. It's the fatigue that gets me. If I could just have enough energy to do the things I need to do I would be a lot happier with my lot. I'm lucky enough to have been awarded a local authority bus pass which is great when I can walk to the bus stop but today that just isn't going to happen.

Should be able to get my car back on the road in about 6 weeks if my finances are right and I can't wait. Not that I'll be able to affor joyriding but I won't have to chose between heat and a brain scan!

I can get hospital transport for these things but need to know a week in advance. I think I'm gong to have to bite the bullet and just order it every time now!

Sorry for moaning but I will admit to feeling sorry for myself this morning.

Woa is me!

Whippet x

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It is good that you have got the bus pass, it does make life so much easier when you can hop on a bus even just to go a few stops, it can make all the difference between being very uncomfertable and in excrucitaing pain. Is there no one you can borrow from and get a taxi there or get a life of anyone?

Hope you are feeling a bit better soon, sending some hugs x


its very tough to cope, this illness takes everything from us, it not only effects our health, but our finances, i never knew being ill would cost so much,I hope you can get the help you deserve ,take it easy


please book tpt well in advance they dont mind if you cxl at last minute. do not exert yourself if you dont worry about you no one else will it is okay to feel bullied by illness but recognise it as the bully and tell yourslf depression is his weapon it is like a man with a gun if you take out the bullets the gun in no longer a threat. recognise depression and do something else that you can do instead of thinking depressed. that way you are taking away bullets hugz petal


Thanks everybody for lending an ear and reminding me about hospital transport. I got a taxi in the end and be damned. It'll work out somehow and I will book hospital transport for future appointments.

Thanks all.

Whippet X


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