I have truly had enough I'm so alone in all of this!

Apparently I'm discusting to look at I remind them of a drunk grandkids and my own kids don't want to look at me. I'm lazy ugly. This is all from my own daughter. I lost my temper and said go away and educate on my condition I fibromyalgia I'm not a lay about! Apparently I should pull myself together and get to a gym. I m at a loss now I have no one to talk to here at all😞

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  • Oh dear, families who'd have them, at least you can choose your friends. Sorry to hear you're having a bad time, if only they had this thing just for a day you might get some sympathy 😠

  • I no I just no what to do ignorance is bad but when it's your own family it's even worse

  • Oh that is so wrong. If they won't do their own research maybe you could provide some for them to read. This disease can be so isolating. when I was first diagnosed (1 year ago) I provided my family, co-workers and friends information about fibro and they have been very supportive.

    I am just coming out of a bad 5 day flare. haven't worked or left the house, hardly eaten. fortunately I've been on this forum every day and it has helped me thru. gentle hugs to you.

  • Apparently they don't need to read up on it I should just pull myself together well I lost it with them she soon left

  • Good for you, sometimes it's best to just let it all out. LOL. Better than bottling it all up, as said this forum will help you through 😃

  • Sad how dangerous family can be. I hope there's opportunity for reconciliation but in the meantime you don't need that. when my lot act up I keep away from them.


  • Everyone is so lovely here thankyou xc

  • I was so sorry to read your post I only have my OH but sometimes when I read posts like yours I am glad I haven't got any family. Yes if only you could have the walk in your shoes for a day but we would not wish this illness on our worst enemy.

    I can imagine their reaction is because now you are ill you aren't pandering to their every whim. I wish that you had someone to turn to near you but we are all your friends here. Soft loving hugs going your way.x

  • That's kind of the problem with mine. They hate it when the spotlight's on someone else :(

    Or should I say "not on them"?

  • That is so true it's not we ask for this nasty thing fibro it's because we don't have stitches or a plaster it's something people cannot see but it's there were no its there they will have to except it one day but for now I give up fed up with explaining myself to them I shouldn't have to explain myself family r meant to be there no matter wot to to be honest they r the hardest people to explain to.xx

  • They can be. "You always hurt the one you love etc" See regnofibro's reply below, too.

    "but you don't look sick". . . well, yeah, but you can't see pain.

  • Thank you badger.☺️

  • Thankyou xx

  • The ones that you love can hurt you the most! There are people here that are here for you. You are not alone in the world. We may not be as close to you as your family, but we do know what you are going through. I am speaking of personal experience. I have also had some very harsh things said to me and about me by family. They didn't believe the amount of pain I was in for years. They didn't understand fibromyalgia at all. Life is hard with what we go through without the negativity. All the advice I could give you really will not make up for the harsh words. So what I am going to say is you are stronger that any words. Fibro makes you stronger for every pain you have and live through. You become stronger every day. Please let us be there for you. We support each other in a way that only those with Fibro will understand. Hugs to you. Try to have a better day.

  • Lovely words regnofibro and well said x

  • Thank you I just know how it feels. It hurts.

  • Is it night time where you are? X

  • No 6.15pm I think I'm still mad of wots happened plus I'm on a mobile phone which I'm finding it hard to keep up xx

  • Noon here well 12:23

  • Thankyou hun sorry I am not with it that was lovely xx😃

  • Maybe your daughter can't handle your not well and is in denial? The only way for her to cope is lashing out at you? I think my family are in denial about my fibro. Health issue's? As everyone is fighting fit x x hugs x

  • Hi, I'm sorry that your daughter was so nasty she should have kept her opinions to herself, it doesn't help that someone is so nasty, you don't need nasty hurtful things said you don't need pity you need understanding of this terrible illness and its side effects and kindness and compassion , my husband and son were very understanding but my daughter was very short and Ill tempered with me. She was grieving for her mam who was very fit, active and very full of life, looking forward , now that her children are of a certain age, to go to London and see shows and weekend away shopping, and I was reduced to a person that could only go to one shop and be completely wiped out for the rest of the day, she just couldn't handle the situation and wanted me back as I used to be and wanted her children to have a nana that could do all the things that I did with her. Finally she came around nod now she will not let the wind blow on me, so I hope that your daughter comes around as well, best wishes

  • Hope this helps healthunlocked.com/fibromya...

    I can see where poppy poppy is coming from

  • Thankyou xz

  • I am so genuinely and sincerely sorry to read of how upset they have made you feel, and I want to genuinely and sincerely wish you all the best of luck. Please take care of yourself.

    All my hopes and dreams for you

    Ken x

  • hay have we got the same family are you my long lost sister . it all seem so the same . I was told all I needed to do was stop my pills get a job and I would be fine with a few moor things inbetween . what is the old saying you are stuck with family but you can choose your friends . with out friends I don't think I would know were I would be . stay strong hun she will be back when sh whants something which is sad in its self

  • If only it was that simple they tell us to shape up they don't have a clue do they. Unfortunately she will be bk but with just more harsh words I expect. Any way thankyou hun xx

  • I know life has been shit to us what is the old saying " life is shit then you marie one " or some think to that affect . but we have beet life we get up every morning , and none of us are alone we have the biggest family there is we have us . So remember you are not alone you are strong because you get out of bed every morning . she is the sad little lady she is the one with the bitterness in her life . and some were she has lost herself . and you are not the one who should find her . so stay strong remember you have US we will stand right beside you in all the steps you take in you life we will catch you when you fall and help you back to your feet dust you of and start you back on the road of life .


    I went a bit deep there sorry . But you know what I mean stay strong

    soft hugs and even mummy hugs

  • Thankyou that was lovely xx

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