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Well i certainly did eat cake yesterday my daughter sent over some thomas the tank engine birthday cake from my Grandsons tea party fri and not only that her mother in law had made a victoria sanwich with fresh cream and real strawberries in it so a piece of that was also sent and i popped to see my parent yesterday and my mum gave me half of a date and walnut cake that she had made day before so needless to say i had to sample a piece of each yummy yummy love diddle xxxx

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you are so lucky to be able to eat all these cakes and not put weight on some of us only have to look at one and the stones pile on lol

have a good weekend lottery win next week then


Lin x


Oh Lawdy diddle! You lucky devil! I, like Lin, only have to look - NO WAIT! I only have to THINK of a cake and the weight piles on - I make wonderful cakes - big or small - but will only indulge in a baking session if my daughter asks - which is rare now as I taught her so well - she now makes yummy cakes as well! And as Mr Fibro is such a mean son-of-a-gun - it's not often I get decent enough good days to get into a good baking session - Cakes or Pasties & pies (I make yummy pastry too!).

Enjoy all the cakes you want diddle - just makes sure you think of me once in a while as you do, and say: "This one's for you Carol"! :-P


Carol xx


Aw bruiser your post made me laugh! I do like a bit of cake now and again though....mmmm yum! :) Lucky diddle! Hope you enjoyed it. xx


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