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so hard to keep going with the pain and this government are causing more pain for us

i am a 46 year old fibro sufferer i have lots of illnesses inc spinal stenosis and i find life a real struggle i never get a nights sleep i pray for a day just with no pain im developing more illnesses all the time and depression is getting really unbearable but i am living in fear of what will happen to me if i lose my dla my husband cares for me full time and if i was to lose him caring for me or to be told i was well enough to go to work i just couldnt survive. i wish this goverment would realise what they are doing to people that are already rock bottom .

they will be able to cut the amount of people that are receiving these benefits because if they dont heartlesssly say people are fit for work that are truly not they will cause people to die with fear or even take their own lives im writing this at the moment in floods of tears just so scared of my dla renewal which is due later on this year

what can you do ? nothing its just an opinion of someone that doesnt know you,their encouraged to say more or less everyone is fit to do some type of work and this person is actually making lifeline decisions for people. i know no matter what i am not physically able to survive without the care i receive but i keep the secret card just in case it all goes wrong and that would be to end the burden on society thats just how low i feel and im sure im not the only one

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It really makes me angry that some idot who works for atos can see you for 40mins and make a judgement that will ruin the rest of your life, Our doctors see us all the time they know how much your health has changed but that doesnt seem to matter.

and if anyone is like me when they asked you a question i couldnt always remember the answer, im not that good at talking about myself, so perhaps i didnt make myself sound ill enough,

going back to work will make me ill thats why i was signed off in the first place,

good luck to all of us on our appeals

Lin x


Hi just to say I truly feel for you. Please be positive you obviously have a loving family which is a great comfort.

All my very best wishes

Bye for now Ax


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