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No choice but to go back to work!

His guys, been off work for nearly sick weeks with this current flare up, only to find out I can't claim a penny sick pay or ESA ,not enough nic contributions. Feeling really fed up worked all my life last 25 years but because the last 5 years I've worked less hours because of the fibro havent been earning enough to keep my contributions up. Going back to work not by choice also have to work another month in hand before I get paid,sorry to moan to you guys just had enough take care kimXxx-

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Hi Kimey, have you tried for PIP or DLA depending on where you live. It is a bit of a lottery but may be worth a try.



Hello sue, I receive DLA for mobility I'm am waiting to be reassessed like everyone else to see if I can keep it, I'm afraid to go to them and try and claim for care needs just in case they stop my mobility component because without my car I can't get out,thank you for your advice take care Kim x


Hi kimey

I feel exactly the same, my care needs changed years ago, but I will not rock the boat and chance losing my mobility component as I too would not be able to get to work without my car, I simply wouldn't be able to do the journey by public transport coz it means walking to far to get on the first bus, then getting another 2 buses to get to work. I am dreading it when I get re assessed for pip I've been getting DLA for 23 years now since I was 17 but have heard they can still take it off me! I also experienced the same problem with esa when I lost my job, I hadn't paid enough NIC so I asked about income related but was informed that my husband earned too much it made me sick coz they took his income into account but not his NIC... So basically if you are one of these spongers who doss about all day you are on a win win coz you may not have enough NIC but it won't matter coz you'll be on a low income so you would get Esa either way! I like you have worked for 24 years now and I find it difficult when you need meds and have to pay £8.05 per item ... It's all wrong this country stinks and needs to get a grip with the way it is run.

I sincerely wish you well and hope you feel better soon.

Warm regards




Hia nicola, looks like we are both in same situation, I will go back to work to try and get my national insurance contributions paid up probably months rather than weeks ! Then I am going to reapply for ESA because my body is getting worse and I know the more I'm pushing myself the worse I'm getting but for now I'm going to have to rely on the meds to keep me going take care Kim x


Hiya nicola I pay about £11 a month for a yearly prescription... It is well worth it because I can have at least 4\5 items in the month and they are all covered by my monthly payment... Hope this helps....c

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I find it utterly crazy that they might take your mobility off you when it's something that helps you get to work... Seems to me that it makes more financial sense to keep people in work as much as possible - even if it means giving them a car to do so. Mad.

I really hope you get something sorted. Is it possible to have a word with your work's Occupational Health? Perhaps make some changes at your workplace that will help you cope better or a change to your working day? Even going in an hour later - avoiding the commuter rush - can help. Just a thought. x


I am so genuinely sorry to read that and I sincerely hope that you can find some resolution and relief to this issue. It really does't seem fair to work and get nothing in return.

All my hopes and dreams for you



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