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i have had enough

Hi everyone just apologise before i start. But, i have had enough of being treated bad because i am not well. I am lucky that I have a job thay i can do even though i am struggling so scared to have time of sick in case they use it to get rid of me.

They say they will not then they say bet you could get disability. well i say read the blogs on this sight and see how appaling every one is treated by the dla. its disgusting and it is getting me down because i know one day i will be there at tribunals trying to prove how ill i am. my heart and thought go out to you all please do not give up just fight. I feel that something must be done to tell people that we are being discriminated against and it is wrong so very very wrong

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I am sorry webby, it sounds like your work is getting on top of you.

I am sure they cant just get rid of you without helping you first.

I hope you feel better for letting it all out on here. :)

I am just starting my dla fight and its not nice, you do know you can actually get dla whilst you work, which might help you lessen your hours.

I want to send you a gentle hug as i think you need one.

hugs, kel xxxx


Hi Jazher

I am interested in what can b claimed whilst working?


thakyou jazher did not know you could claim i will look into it


i suffer with fibro ,and have for three years,as well as along list of other health concerns.i am acommunity nse full time with a partner and 19 yr old son.i call our sick policy "death watch ",they try to empathise but you can see it in your managers face "not again".survival is day by day wot else can you do.just remember u are not on your own,best wishes,lmlm xx


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