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Knocked for Six and Fed Up

Knocked for Six and Fed Up

Feeling a bit punchdrunk.

I got the letter this morning turning me down for a blue badge. My partner is furious and is railing against the criteria they cited in making the decision. He knows how difficult it is for me to be on my feet when out and about. I take so many painkillers it's a wonder I don't have constipation!

My application for DLA was also turned down a few weeks ago. Not hobbling enough. Am having to sell my car to get some much needed funds - no offers yet except for those dubious phishing ones.

Have received a letter to tell me my contribution-based ESA is to finish in 2 weeks' time. I've got to speak to them about what happens next. ATOS did phone me about 6 weeks ago to make an appt for a medical but they couldn't find a spare appt at their nominated medical centre over the subsequent 3 weeks. I've heard nothing since.

I was turned down for a gastric band. Not quite big enough. My diet is not going very well, but it's early days. It's going to be a long haul.

I felt really out of sorts yesterday and my partner was quite worried as I couldn't tell him what was wrong. It was a whole mishmash of things, and partly to do with him but I can't tell him because he would be crushed, because it concerns physical issues.

I need to battle on with the weight and hope that I get some physical pleasure in due course, once I'm an "acceptable" size. My new rheumy said he could possibly refer me for boob reduction surgery - that would remove a stone immediately! Am hoping he'll honour his comment.

Meanwhile, what the hell am I going to do for income??? I've been signed off for a further 3 months, so I can't exactly sign on for a job I can't do, can I?!

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im so so sorry to hear all your going through xx i have the same kind of luck if its any concellation!;) ive actually without telling my partner come off the anti deppressants ( becuase of continual weight gain) so im just going to grin and bare pain id rather be thinner ! and to be quite honest i dont think they were doing anything to help with the fibro in my case anyway! i hope you get the help that you deserve hun chin up as they say hugs alexandra xx


I admire your fortitude. Unfortunately if I come off the Ami then I won't sleep (long term insomnia) and will be a worse basketcase than I am already lol. It has taken 15 years of tweaking the meds to finally be able to sleep at night.

Good luck with your endeavours x


hi, unfortunatley its the same for many claimants, being turned down etc;

you havn't said if you have appealed against their descition, and it is worth giving ATOS a call and ask for an appointment for a medical ,explaining you havnt heard anything from them in regards to a date.

it would be a good idea to have a word with your gp about everything and see what they say and also offer you more information for your claim -it is worth having a regularish appointment just to keep your gp upto date how things are going with you.

Also as you may know you can link into fibro action web site for more information on appeals & benefits .

i hope things work out for you soon. also as a lady who was well over 20stone before ever weighing myself wearing a size 24/26 i decided i had to get my weight under control to improve my health, and although not easy i lost 10stones and yes it is a strugle to maintain my weight because i cant walk i do my best to.

good luck, poppy xx


thank you Poppy. your weight issue is mine to a tee. Am currently size 24/26 - something I swore would never happen again. I did lose 5st of the 10st target, some 2 years ago, but a good 3st of it has crept back on due to reduced mobility and comfort eating thru depression.

Anyway, the new diet has started this week as I'm going to a family wedding in Italy in Sept. Obviously I've no idea what size I'll be by then, so choosing an outfit is not as straightforward as it could be!

Funnily enough, I received my ATOS medical date yesterday and have 3 weeks to get ready. Ewwwww :-/ I'm due to see my GP anyway and will make it a double appt lol.


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