Irritable Bladder

I've always suffered with 'frequency' but at the moment it feels almost like cystitis (which I've had before) and the constant need to wee is draining (adding to the usual fatigue). I understand cranberry juice helps (none in the house at the moment) and chamomile tea which I loathe but if I have some in the house I will drink it! Any other suggestions and anyone else suffer with this?

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  • Hi there Kirby,

    I suffer with frequency as well. It affects my sleep. At night: I use the loo, go back to bed, start to drift off, and then the 'niggle' creeps back, so I get up, go again... this pattern repeats itself over and over in the same night. Some nights I feel I've gone about 10 times. For the sake of one trickle. When I'm out the house its even worse-sometimes I feel l have to hold on, because people with me, who don't know about or understand my problems might think its strange if I keep going. I think for me it can partly be psychological- When something is repeatedly done it becomes habit. Sometimes I hold on until I'm really desparate in order to 'desensitise' myself. It works for me sometimes but I'm not sure thats the best way of dealing with it.

    If you feel there's an underlying cause like cystitus, then I think the best thing would be to visit your GP. I'm sure theres a way of dealing with it.

    Obvious, but easily forgotton: drink lots of water. Going makes you dehydrated, which increases fatigue, dizziness, headaches etc. Also drinking makes it more comfortable when going, because its dilated. - Didn't know cranberry juice or chamomile tea helps- will have to give it a try and see if it helps me. :)

    I hope you feel better soon and find a way of managing it. Its very annoying. :( Take care and Gentle hugs. Funkyfairy xxx

  • Many thanks, Funkyfairy. Yes, I have had that at night too, it is worse when I am premenstrual. I can go up and down just for a trickle as you say!! Sometimes I am just back from the loo and want to go again! It is so infuriating, especially when I am trying to empty my bladder. I always have water next to me in bed.

    I did go to a bladder clinic a couple of years ago and had some 'homework' and had to record every time I went for 3 days as well as measuring it!!

    Today I took some nurofen because I do remember the woman at the bladder clinic saying that anti-inflammatories can help and I think it has a bit, just to break the irritance.

    Yes, I totally understand the psychological/stress part of it. Before I go out anywhere I usually go a few times (underlying fear that I won't get to a loo for a while!). I'm OK if I know there's going to be one nearby, but if not, anxiety rates sore and I end up avoiding the situation.


    Kirby xx

  • Hey, no probs. :) Looks like a lot more has been said since I've been on here ! It all sounds so familiar- going then wanting to go again, its worse when I'm premenstrual too- I think it is for most people (A friend of mine (who doesn't have FM) said she swears she needs to go 3x more! ). I've seen my GP a few times, got my wee tested but it always comes back clear. Funnily enough its was always a problem, even before I got my other fibro symptoms. My dad is the same, so maybe its hereditary. Apparently its worse when the small of your back is cold- so make sure you keep warm. Luckily its not been too bad recently- I go through good and bad patches. But if it comes back again I'll see about getting it checked out. I didn't know about the anti-inflammatories either, so I could try that too (altho I read somewhere at the bottom its not always a good idea)- in asking this you've given me lots of tips- thanks. :) I myself must also not forget the water ! (I usually have a glass by my bed too, but occasionally forget to fill it up).

    Seems to be a vicious circle, going makes causes anxiety, anxiety makes it worse. Maybe before you go out its best to only go once or twice, because it increases sensitivity and becomes more of a habit - altho I do understand why, because I'm the same. I will try and not let it stop me from doing things I want, but I understand exactly where you come from, and I know lots of people are the same.

    Feel better soon, take care- and thanks for the reply. :) Gentle hugs, Funkyfairy xxx

  • Hi Funkyfairy

    Yes, I definitely think there's a hereditary component. My mum has always been the same and so was my dad in later years!

    I am coming to the conclusion that this time it's an infection as I still have the pains so am waiting for the doc to phone back!

    Love Kirby xxx

  • Hi Kirby

    I used to suffer a lot with irritable bladder when I was on chewable calcium tablets, the big white ones for osteoporosis. I suddenly realised that it was gone, with an after thought, I think that it was the change of the calcium supplements. I have suddely got it again but it feels more than before. My remedy has been lots and lots of water until there is no colour in the water passed. Once I forget to drink more water, I pay when I go and in between when I have to hold and wait. Since we take all these meds I find that it helps to dilute the water that I pass so that it does not sting and irritate. Good luck we survive on trial and error don't we. Cheers.


  • Thanks Mamina. It is all trial and error I agree. xx

  • get yourself checked out as i did and found i had a hypersensitive overactive bladder and intercystial cystitis!! xx

  • Hi Nadine

    Yes, at the bladder clinic she thought my symptoms were consistent with interstitial cystitis but you had to go and have internal investigations to confirm and because of my pain thresholds I decided against. xx

  • i had the camera into bladder done under general while having triple prolapse repaired so i cant comment on pain sorry no help to you xx

  • Hey Kirby, gentle hugs,

    I used to get the same thing happen to me for years and it wore me out too. Antibiotics helped on bad flare-ups but after moving here 3 years ago - it all miraculously stopped and I've not had a problem since - YAY! Not that I suggest you move though! And as Funkyfairy says - drink lots of water to re-hydrate after peeing. I'm forever guzzling down filtered, chilled water - easily I drink 3-4 litres a day - purely as I love water! But I only drink filtered water as tap water here is quite hard. Maybe if you invested in a certain brand of filter jugs and filters (if you don't already) it might help flush your system and reduce the problem for you.


    Carol xx

  • Thanks Carol. Yes, I drink filtered water too. I also drink a lot of tea which can be an irritant although it's got a lot of goodness in it too, and for fibro! But this evening I only had some very weak rooibosh until my bladder has settled a bit.

    I have had 'frequency' all my life and partly it is hereditary. Funnily enough I loved house 3 years ago today! I am very happy where I am and there are two loos as well :-)

    Love Kirby xx

  • Hey Kirby,

    I used to drink lots of tea - until today - I've suddenly gone off it! Go figure - It's 3 years this week I moved into my house too - but I cannot stand it here and want to move back "home" - long story behind the move to where I don't want to be - BUT - I have TWO loos as well! And as I have severe IBS, it's the only thing that's been good about the move. :-D

    Love Carol xx

  • Hi Carol

    Sorry that you're not happy where you live and hope you get back to where you want to be.

    Love Kirby xx

  • Thanks Kirby, Hugs.

    I'm hoping social services will help get me back home - stress is certainly not conducive to my happiness or well being and I'm going to push hard now for the help I so desperately need.


    Carol xx

  • Good luck with that Carole and keep persisting until you get the help you need.

    Love Kirby xxx

  • Hello Kirby, Funkyfairy has pretty much covered it all there, so thank you for that. :) It's a good idea to get this checked out with your GP Kirby just to make sure there isn't another reason for your symptoms and you can also mention your "frequency" situation. Keep your fluid intake up as this always helps to flush out your system. I hope you feel better soon. :) :)

  • Thanks Libby. I will get it checked out if it persists as occasionally I have had infections and have needed antibiotics. Kirby xx

  • Yes that's the best thing to do Kirby! Take care, and it's my pleasure. :) :)

  • I call mine "piddleitis" . It then often turns to cyctitis, like now. I often go for day surgery called "Urethra dilation" and I have abnormal cells in the lining of the bladder. Def phone call to docs for antibiotics today !! Being very peronal I use a sanitary towel when its like this and I have to go out. It makes me feel more secure in case of accidents.

  • Ive been to the continance clinic for thid problem and Im about to be given meds for it

  • Hi Kirby,

    As Libby says it's all just about been covered.

    The only things I would add are that you should see your GP straight away, to get it checked out.

    Taking medication of any kind before you have seen your GP is not a good idea. Partly because anti-inflammatories may ease the symptoms to the point where you think it's not important enough to see your GP and partly because they may mask the symptoms and make a correct diagnosis more difficult.

    Drinking plenty of water is a good idea and any squash containing barley will help ease bladder irritation.

    Interstitial Cystitis is commonly found in IBS and Fibro sufferers and it would be a good idea if you take a sample with you when you go to see your GP, so she can rule out any infection with a simple dip stick test.

    This link gives loads of info

    hope that helps a bit

    happy hugs, kate :)

  • went to urology clinic with my mother a while ago as she was having problems too and we were told that an irritated bladder is often linked with IBS )-;

  • I was in a bit of a grump when I told my friend that after been diagnosed with an irritable bowel I now had an irritable bladder as, her tongue in cheek reply was "let's face it, you're just irritable full stop!"

  • :D Lima! Yes I have IBS too but touch wood it's not being 'i' at the moment! Thanks all for your helpful replies. XX

  • I have found that urispas tablets help. Laying off caffiene also helps.

  • Thanks Chine. x

  • My fibro pleasures. Hope it helps for you. Fibro sweet hugs.

  • Believe it or not (can't quite myself!) I've never had cystitis but suffered frequency for years. Saw a urologist a few years ago and he put me on medication twice daily and it has made a big difference in stopping the constant feeling of wanting to go. Have off days when it doesn't work so well but most of the time it makes a big difference.


  • Hi Caroline

    I can quite believe it, because I've not very often had cystitis of the kind that burns and stings (thank goodness) but the frequency has been a life-long condition. What medication do you take, if you don't mind me asking?

    Many thanks

    Kirby xx

  • Hi I too have this problem and my GP referred me to the continance nurse-she was fantastic I had to do a chart for 3 days and she did a scan to see if my bladder was completely empty which it wasnt so then she prescribed me some tablets the lot I couldnt tolerate they made me ill but the second one is great the only side effects are that it makes you thirsty but that reduces after time. the tablet is Trospium Chloride and I only need to take one a day they can up it if you need them too but i am ok on one hope this helps

    Getactive xx

  • Many thanks for that, Getactive. Yes, I had to do the chart for 3 days but I wasn't offered a scan there as I don;t think they had the facilities. It was only a small hospital. I imagine the scan was pretty painless, was it? Thanks for the medication advice too, I will make a note of it. XX

  • Hi Kirby

    Because i live out in the country the nurse came to my house and she had a portable scanner. it was a bit like Mary Poppins she had this bag and just kept bringing things out of it. the scan was totally painless just on top of your tummy. Hope you get sorted because it has made a huge difference to me and I dont need to worry when I go out. There are also some very slim panty liners that are very good now which also make me feel more confident when I do go out. take care xx

  • She sounds a wonderful nurse! I wish I'd been offered one of those scans but at least I know they exist now. Thanks Getactive. xx

  • Yes it's a bloody nuisance ,always when my breathing is severe,come in from the car,no control,my breathing, I refused any treatment for bladder,as I sId treat the cause not the symptom ,I needed some oxygen to come back in with, inhalor not enough to calm me ,avoid 111calls. Independent that's me,doesn't go down too well with staff ,as they think they know better.they are just following hard n fast conventional rules. I am a free spirit!

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