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up early today!

Hi all, for once i was up at the crack of dawn, my son woke me upat 6am so got up gave him his meds -autistic - took out his crumpets from freezer to defrost, settled him on the settee to watch tv, he's 11 so was able to grab an extra 1 1/2hrs snooze then got up made him breakfast had mine. and as i was reading with him fell asleep on himlol!

luckily ty understands me being a 'sleepy head' : D

I've managed a little tidying and am ready for bed again lol! so while hubby and son go on xbox i'm going to grab 40 winks

Hope no ones out in this awful rain we have so much for our street tea party!

hugs poppy xx

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Hi poppy,

Its awful when you are just so tired. I have been lazy this weekend, didnt get up till 11 40 today as i just couldnt get up and i fell asleep in the car and i have came on here just to keep awake lol.

Hope you get some rest hun.

hugs, kel xxxx


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