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hope everyone enjoyed the jubilee long weekend !

hope everyone enjoyed the jubilee long weekend !

hi there everyone :)

hope everyone enjoyed the looonnnnggggg weekend ! i did even though

i was busy busy ,it was stevies birthday on sunday ,he is a big boy 7!!

me and my friend and her children went to a local restaurant where they do a big indoor play area ,there was 9 children all together so it was quite fun getting there and then doing head counting every now and again lol

mondayme and my eldest swapped our bedrooms ! to say im feeling it today

is an understatment !

i was so tired after doing that ,i went to bed at 7.30pm !

but it looks lovely and the bedroom im now in,( is very hard to exsplane but

its only joined to our house from the bedroom door ,and its over a walk way ,so there is no downstairs if you see what i meen lol )so next time im poorly and have to rest i wont have to listen to my noisey 5 children lol ,

and my daughter bless her ,left her tv and sky in there so if im ever poorly i can watch tv in bed ! how lovely is she ! ?

today im going to my bestfriends with just 3 of the children and my hubby is having karl my 2yr old ,and my eldest is going out ,as much as i love my little man im looking forward to the break ,he is such hard work bless him ,

anyway hope you are all having a lovely break from school /work or just enjoying the long weekend ! gentle hugs to you all !!!!

:-D :) :-P :) :-D :) :-P :) :-D :) :) :-D :-)

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hI, Lynz I have had a fab weekend been out 3 times with my hub and drank more than I should have but when I feel good I do as much as I can to enjoy it and hope my lower pain lasts a few more days before it comes back to bite me . lol ;)


Hi lynz,

Hope you enjoy your break from the little one, i so know what you mean as when my kids were that age it was so hard having to entertain them all the time.

Well done you for getting the bedrooms done. :)

hugs, kel xxxxx


Hi Lynz & every 1 ive had my 6yr old grandaughter for past few days we went 2 the pub @ top of my street as they were doing a street party.Personaly it wasnt that good but Alysha loved going on the infliatable slide, my purse wasnt so plz'd so plz'd lol we also went with my bf 2 his friends house where Alysha played with their children.When we got bk we watched jubilee i also enjoyed the old songs. im paying 4 it 2 day though. hope u all have had a good day 2 day. xGenltle hugs & big :) x


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