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What's everyone up to this bank holiday weekend?

So what are you all doing?

Hopefully you'll all be able to take advantage of the stunning British summer we are having!



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hi i will be dodging the raindrops and visiting a close friend in hospital who has serious operation bless xx soma


It's going to be torrential rain and windy here on the South coast, so I don't think my family will be venturing far. For hubby and me, it's more packing ready for our house move if our buyer stops messing about! We still have loads to throw out, loads to pack - it's like living in a disaster zone, hundreds of boxes and cables everywhere!

Hope everyone manages to have a lovely weekend wherever you all are! :D


I wish you look with that LibertyZ, just remember if there things you don't need put them on your local recyle sight (its givig away free things) and they pick them up, or ask a local charity just a thought, hope you don't mind me sharing xx


Well tuesday lake district hope.landlord visiting sunday.date day tomoz.so having romantic day.mates monday.have a wicked holiday pain free


I am staying put and looking after 8 cats as I am a dog walker and pet sitter. You can guarentee it will rain, it is an English bank hol tradition isn't it :-)

Hugs to all xx


Rain forecast here in Southampton , but at least I won't feel so bad about the agoraphobia keeping me in. It wasn't nice being stuck in last weekend when the temps were in the upper 20's and the sun was blazing.

So same old same old here . Not a lot !


well as it says for the Bank holiday as always!! RAin rain rain..

Great lovely British Weather!

it is here for the Wkend.

As it stands i am a Leeds girl and it is wet and muggy at the moment and feeling it of course

but listening to Real radio with OLd Skool music trying to make words relate to FM!!

trying to make it fun .

The lakes i have not ventured to but so would love to.

Helping Gran out this wkend as hubby doing some decorating for her and i will try get her bungalow back up to scratch after having kitchen fitted and after that pretty much recover from it ..ohhhh and a niiiiice glass of wine to end the day, put ones feet up with pj's laptop and all you lovely fm friends to hopefully chat with and keep updated on how you all are.

So try keep smiling and think not of what will put us down but what will pick us up a little :-D xxxxx

love to you all as you are all so very special in each way

cazzie xx


Well Simon,

I will be droping my son off at train station hes off to meet a new girl for the second time. I will be accompaning my friend to the garden centre in the afternoon. Sunday I hope to have some rest and attempt to clean some of the house. and then call over to see a lovely older lady who has no one else I met her whne last working and have kept intouch as she is lonely. Then monday will be spending a couple of hour with two of my closest friends and of cause fitting in rest lol.

So what about yourself Simon what your plans?

smiles and hugs xx


Hi Simon,

Being thoroughly British we are intending to go to the sea side whatever the weather! We will probably sit shivering on the beech with that indomitable british spirit and id we are really lucky the sun may shine ....fingers crossed x gins enjoy


Well Lindsey, my daughter and I went to see some friends near Bournemouth. We organised it ages ago not appreciating it was the Bank Holiday weekend and that everyone one would be driving to the seaside. There was lots of traffic. Luckily the toddler in the back slept through it all...I wish we could have!

We're off sailing tomorrow on my in-laws boat. It'll be my daughters second time on it, and this time we are sleeping on it overnight. It'll be the 3 of us and the dog in a cramped cabin! Can't wait :)




Hope you all have a lovely time Si! At least there shouldn't be too much "traffic" on the water lol! :)


Sisters birthday on Monday so hopefully being civil and keeping the peace, tuesday my cousin is coming over and wednesday ive got a cinema group with my autistic friends.

So a yam packed few days.


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