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a night out with the girls

I have just spent 3 hours trying clothes on for a night out tommorow with some of the girls I volunteer with it is to raise money for ovarian cancer so am really looking forward to it.

I have recently lost a couple of stone so have been buying new clothes so have had a great but tiring day mostly trying everything on and now I have to go back up after a rest to de-clutter the mess i have made whilst doing the trying on every drawer and wardrobe has been opened so better get it done before hubby gets in.

it doesn`t normaly take so long but I had a operation last week on my

shoulder and canot lift arm very well so had some odd ways of getting stuff over my head and at one time was stuck half in /out of a top had visions of sitting there till hubby rescued me lol, ah well back to tidying up.

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oh bless you nanna2g, I hope you managed to sort out the mess you had made!! Have a lovely time out with the Girls, it will be good for you. x x x x


well done for losing all that weight ! and have a lovely lovely time xxxxxxx


Thanks soulsusie & lynz I sure hope to and am sure a few tipples will help lol.



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