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sorry I not been around( bit of a moan be warned)

I am sorry I have not been around much well a while.

My depression is quite bad at the moment

I have had to get my daughter refered to camhs ( child n adolesant mental health services) she is only 11!!

I am not seeing the neurologist until 7th july and still waiting to have my gallbladder out.

On top of all that my ankles are really really swollen

I am in sooo much pain I can hardly walk due to the pain and swelling.

I mean the weather has been wonderful but I have had enough of it now I am to hot and the weather is why my ankles have swollen.

My left knee is in agony as I have been using it alot more because my arthritis in my right knee is really bad and my right side is weak (hence the neuro appt)

It is all just tooo much

I have a dr appt tomorrow but I am not going to be able to make it I am going to ask her to call me instead

I am sorry I have moaned so much but I didnt know what else to do I have noone else to talk to apart from you lot.

I am sorry I havent read any posts lately either so I hope you all havent been to bad


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sorry you feel awfull Penny sending hugs xx


I hope your doctor can help you over the phone, if not he should come out and see you. Keep your chin up xx


Don't worry about us :) We're all here for the bad times and you can help and have helped when we have bad times. I hope that you feel better a bit better soon, I'm sure it will. I know stress doesn't help but hopefully your daughter will just be happier speaking to someone, obviously I don't know the situation but I'm sure if its for the best. I was 11 when I first became ill with fibro and I can say that experiencing problems and stresses throughout my teenage years has made into a mature caring young lady who my parents are proud of. Ofc I have my negatives but i feel my struggles have made me a better person as well as those around me who have learnt disability isn't always visible.

Fibro love and hugs, and keep us all updated. I'm sure diddle would suggest getting some cake x x x


My ankles swell a lot too and I'm sorry to hear you're having a bad time, do write anytime you need to so it will be a problem shared (and a problem halved,

My heart goes out to you, gentle hugs xxxxx


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