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Good bye for now!!

This will be my last blog / contact with you guys for a short while. I check in at 0730 tom morn for my hysterectomy. Thankyou so much for all your comments and support.

The washing is done. The house is tidy. Ive done my last food shop. Ive had coffee with a friend. Im just about to book flights for our summer hols and then im going for lunch with my mum!

Ill miss my online family :-)

ps Anyone want an early morning up at 0600! loads of love westgate xx

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HI westgate,

Good luck and i am sure you will be fine. :)

You take it easy and dont try and do things too fast and i wont be long until you are back with us.

take care, hugs, kel xxxxxx


Hey westgate,

Gentle hugs and best wished for your hysterectomy and subsequent recovery. Been there done that years ago.

I am already awake by 4 each morning - so no ta to a wake-up call!

"See" you when you come "home". We'll miss you too!

Lots of love,

Carol xx


gentle hugs xx


good luck westgate and heres for a speedy recovery

we will still be here when you return

gentle hugs

Lin x


Good Luck westgate,

I had my hysterectomy 4 an half years ago and was the best thing i ever done, you will be just fine, just make sure you rest and your soon be up and about and back to your old self xxxx

Gentle Hugs and loadsa love X

ps.... i'm off for my opperation in the next couple of hours but i'm comeing home as long as all goes well this evening, and then i'm being admitted this friday for another opp on my kidneys, both opps are to do with re accureing kidney infections and bleeding when i pee xxx


Hope all goes well, hugs.



Good luck with your operation and a speedy recovery gentle hugs xxx


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