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I have just seen blog that was put on yesterday only fat people get fibro ???? mmmm thats funny i am only a size 6/8 and 7 half stone so perhps my GP has got it all wrong and the rheumatologist i saw las July ?????

what a stupid comment on here we are all shapes and sizes and anyway what is classed as FAT how can you say that i am 5ft 4 and tiny yesterday i went to kids section in matalan and bought 2 outfits aged 13/14 woo woo they were cheaper too ha ha

But i could quite easily put on 2 and half stone and would not be classed as fat ? that doctor needs to be spoken too with attitudes like that no wonder we dont get anywhere with these departments as he is not the only one with this attitude

Grrr makes me so angry when they say it is in your head !!!!! well believe me i would rather be how i used to be rushing arounfd like a blue a---d fly and enjoying having my grandsons to stay for 2/3 nights at a time /decorating my home / even getting up and opening the blind without my arms aching my hips aching well pretty much everything aching

How do they think it feels to have ypir parents say we could hire you a wheelchair in london if oit gets too much for you how hard do you think it is for thenm to say thayt to me and for me to actually have to think well yeah actually if it gets that bad i may have to do that ????

but believe mre if i do i know i will be in floods of tears as it will really hit me then i am disabled and at 47 that is not a nice thought well at any age it is not a nice thought so i apologise for that it does not matter what age you are it is the fact that your mind (when it is not in fibro fog ) wants to do what you used to to do but when you start to do it well that is a different story ?????!!!!!

Ooops sorry went off on one there just got really worked up about that comment by that GP wish i knew who he was we could all turn up with our various shapes and sizes lol and see what he said then !!!

anyway whatever shape or size you are it is not in your head and you have got fibro and on here we are all here for each other as we all understand what we are going through

now go sit in the sun love to you all Diddle x

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here here diddle thats exactly what i said ,that you were little (cause you are the only one i knew was little lol ) that doc was absolutly disgusting in the short minded comment ,made me mad aswell , xxxx


well that is a stupid doctor then .my friend is slim and most of the ppl in support group.he must have no knowledge of fibro, i am lucky and have good doctors.


Ask for a copy of your notes under freedom of information and then sue them

Whippet x


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