Perspiration from the head

Has anyone got any advise about really bad perspiration? I am so embarrassed because as soon as I do any thing excertive my head sweats like crazy and my hair gets all wet. With the warmer weather coming I am dreading it, I won't even go out it's awful. My skin feels cold but I get soaked. I know antidepressants cause it but is there anything that can be done?

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  • Hi .. I know its an old tune but please check it out with your GP .. they do have some special creams deoderents to help, if not health shops sell an aloe (cactus) deoderent that you can apply in other areas . . another trick is to use a head band or scarf to hide your hair if you feel its that bad ..

    If i pop my counsellor head on I would ask if you are more awair of it than others and perhaps you could check it out with family or friends

    remember how wonderful you are and please dont let this stop you going out really your not the only one it just feels like it ..good luck

    gentle dyslexic hugs

  • Hi there Glochessum, :)

    Excessive sweating - Some people with Fibromyalgia perspire heavily and may even believe they have a fever. This is due to what’s called an autonomic dysfunction within the hypothalamus, the almond-sized area in the brain that controls sleep and regulates sweating, bowel movements, and other automatic body functions. “The autonomic dysfunction causes the increase in sweating," Some medications and lifestyle changes that can keep you cool and dry may help with this Fibromyalgia symptom. If you suffer badly from excessive perspiration/sweating, it would be worth discussing this with your GP as there are medications available to help with this very common symptom. Modern treatments for excessive sweating include Botox injections, but you would have to ask your GP about this if you were interested in an alternative route to medications. Hope this helps. :) :)

  • I do wear a head band made of towelling when at home and have thought about making some pretty ones for when I go out but I would rather not have the problem at all. It's so embarrassing. I will make an appointment to go back to the doctors but don't hold out much hope as I think it's my medication causing it. :(

  • Mention to your GP Glochessum that you think your excessive sweating may be something to do with your meds, they may be able to prescribe you something more suitable. I hope this works out for you really soon. Please let us know how you got on as it might be helpful for other members to read who have the same symptoms. Many thanks and take care. :) :)

  • I have this too so I would love to know what your go says. Like most people on here, I have fibromyalgia and M.E., had for over 11 years now, but this is a new symptom to me. I do get very bad sweats but this from the head is new? Let me know how you get on xx

  • Im the same, while i love the heat, I hate sweating in it

  • I sweat a lot, its so embarrassing :(

  • I sweat from the head too. Have done for about 2 years or so now. And like most that suffer - I too dread the summer months. I stay indoors with 3 fans blasting away - even though I'm not hot! When I do need to go out - I always have a large hand fan with me and a dry face cloth - I always sit at the back of the bus to hide away from pitying looks - when I'd much prefer sitting near the front in the disabled seats. There are very rare days when I don't sweat - as rare as a blue moon!

    Gentle hugs,

    Carol xx

  • I have also had this problem, but i 've had before i was diagnosed and started on my medication, it is so embarrasing.

    What makes it worse for me in the summer months is that i manage a busy cafe, for me personally i don't think it looks nice, i thought at first it was the menopause but its not, my mother and her twin also suffer from this!

    I suppose its something i just have to live with!! :) anne xx

  • Well I've noticed a lot of head sweating lately but never thought to link it to FM. So another symptom to add to the list and, as Anne posted earlier, something else to live with:)

  • yes I get bad sweats very embarrassing,sick of changing my tops.but im cold to touch also,weird.

  • I am having major problems with sweating and wondered if it is because of my new media pregabalin

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