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Hospital tests lead to flare up! Bother! And owwww

Today I had tests for Vitamin D deficiency - my blood vessels wouldn't give up my blood easily!

Then I had an injection of Radium and a full body bone scan to see whether there is any further damage from my osteoarthritis as FM cannot be blamed for everything.

All went well, awkward, uncomfortable, but possible positions to be held for a long time each time. I was able to fulfill everything. Began 10.30 finished 3.05 - home to painkillers and rest.

Now, and for the past hour, my pain is building in my hands, feet, knees and back, the latter two having been strained, but the former two not so it doesn't make sense and currently it is 6pm.

Tomorrow I have to go to work and so hope everything has calmed down! Students coming tonight too so hoping hubby can cope almost alone. I am sure he can, but I have to keep well until the school summer holidays as work won't/can't stand for many more days off.

So feeling low too. Well the tone of this has told me that. Off to make a cup of tea and see whether I can find something on tv to lift my spirits.

Nice to have somewhere to tell people of my day - thanks for being there everyone. Hope your day was better. :)

Soft hugs

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Bless you please rest tonight . You go to work ? i admire you so much well done xxxx


Hi hun,

I am sorry you arent feeling very good, you get plenty of resdt for work tomorrow, i have my fingers crossed for you to feel better. :)

hugs, kel xxxx


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