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Flare-up and Overwhelmed

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Hello all, I hope you're having a good day.

I 'm currently in the middle of a flare up. I've had plenty of them before this, but I've never had bloating and gas this bad before. It's to the point that I'm struggling to eat much because I'm constantly full of air. I'm not sure what to do and my doctor hasn't been much help.

Has anyone got any tips or advice that might help to reduce the bloating and help me eat a little more?

Thanks 💙

18 Replies
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Have you tried deflatine? I find it can help literally deflate your abdomen. I had many problems with my gut until I switched to a low FODMAP diet. Sorry, I would write more but I am currently in a big flare up of SLE so can't write much more. Best of luck.

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DemonEyes in reply to happytulip

I appreciate the reply so much! I hope you're doing okay!

I have tried deflatine, and it does help a little but not enough unfortunately.

Thank you for the suggestion 😊

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happytulip in reply to DemonEyes

Definitely look at a low FODMAP diet and avoid gluten at all costs. It sound backwards butva low fibre diet worked really well for me and others I know with the same problem.

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Arymretep in reply to happytulip

Hi HT, lovely to see you posting, not seen you since the Old site, hope you are well 👍

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happytulip in reply to Arymretep

Hello 👋. I'd say I'm so-so. I'm been laying very low recently. Hope you are well.

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Make your own fresh ginger tea, it’s really good. Avoid gluten as it’s a big factor in bloating. There are certain foods that I avoid because of bloating, found out through trial and error

I use a course of probiotics from time to time. It’s called Bio-Kult which I get from a pharmacy. I’m sure they have one for bloating. The one I use is for infection in the body

I use evening primrose oil capsules, god send for me plus some other herbal tablets These are not cheap

All the best

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Yes A packet of lemon tea from Iceland. Only £1 a bag and works wonders! Try it!

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I use buscapan...it's supposed to be for IBS spasm but I find it helps with bloating too. That or exercise.

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Hi there, I’ve recently been on a diet (and lost 16lb and counting!) - by cutting right back on carbohydrates (potatoes, bread, pasta etc). As a side effect I’ve found that my bloating, gas and indigestion has all but disappeared. Maybe worth a try?



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YassytinaFMA UK Volunteer

Sorry to read your in a flare , I read some good advice from members, I differently think certain foods do aggravate, I keep lemon/ginger teabags in the cupboard always. Have you spoke to your local pharmacist , my local chemist are very good at handing out advice and always happy to answers questions over the phone before I visit, hope you get some relief very soon. I also keep a bottle of non alcoholic ginger from H and Barrett, xx

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I switched to a low fodmap diet a couple of years ago and have great relief from IBS symptoms. It helps you isolate bad elements in your diet and helps you find what you can safely eat.

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Good Morning dear, I used to wear 2 sizes up because of the bloating and the sensitive tummy skin.

Last year my family finally started to understand what I am going through ( took them over an year... ) and they are trying to help, so my hubby is making the bread at home now - the old fashioned way, wholemeal flour, ray flour, lots of different grain, etc.

Now the bloating is disappear.

If you cannot make your own bread then buy the high quality bakery bread , I am positive that will help.

Keep strong

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I think the way to go is gluten free👍

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Painny in reply to Arymretep

Absolutely right, however I began eating the occasional pasta or bread again not excessively, for some reason I manage a bit of sleep when I eat carbs

Just wish someone could give me a new brain.

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Arymretep in reply to Painny

Me too 👍

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I bloated its very very painful, I eventually ended up in hospital where they did a ultrasound and out patient camera from both ends, they now have me on Laxido, Mebeverine, and Omeprazole.

went gluten free years ago, no longer eat bread or drink cows milk. also reduced rice intake

try writing a food diary to see if can find your nemesis,

Also check your medications in case a side effect,

Have a chat to your GP asap or ring 111 if screaming in pain its a trip to hospital.

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Thank you to everyone who left a comment, I'm already gluten and dairy free, but your comments made me double check the things I have regularly, and behold, the peach juice I have daily with medicine has wheat!

I would never have thought to check without all your help! Fingers crossed removing it will make a difference!

Thank you everyone!!

Have a great day 🥰

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fmlife in reply to DemonEyes

So pleased you may of found the culprit, keep looking through your foods.

found first hand, that these can have gluten flour or flavourings frozen chips

frozen stir fry,

some chocolate bars,

hot chocolate,

Options Belgian choc is gluten free, its also cheaper online. does have sweetner in.

surprisingly Tea can have "flavourings" in which can be barley malt! and not wrote on packet it could be gluten, just says flavourings.

found gf flour is difficult to get in 1kg in stores.

online they sell gf flour in a 16kg bag delivered to door☺

hope you feel less pain soon

gentle hugs

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