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What happens at your first physio session?

ive got my first session of physio today and as daft as it sounds im nervous! What actually happens, what should i wear, should i take anything with me? Sorry for the questions. I feel a right plonker being worried.

Also the doctor wants to take me off prebabalin completely and try me with duloxetine. Im really worried as im sick at the drop of a hat and ive read on here that most people feel sick or vomit. Ive got 2 young boys to look after and although i know ill get used to it im dreading being sick! Im worried about coming of the pregabalin too as i have to be completely off it before they will prescribe the duloxetine. Sgain, im worried about the pain but even though ive talked about it with 2 doctors, they wont prescribe anything else except my usual dose of tramadol-100mg 4xday and 20mg amitryptiline a night. Starting to panic now!!

Sorry about the long post

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Wear comfortable clothes you can move in and take off easily.

I would suggest looking up the FibroAction Blog article on here on Physio & Fibro - maybe even print it out.


Hi, I just want to offer you my experience. I have completely stopped tramadol on the instruction of my pain specialist - I was terrified about that and It was hard to come off it as withdrawal was awful, but in reality, my pain stayed the same - so it wasn't really working anyway. I am on gabapentin (very similar to pregabalin), but he has said that I should try to reduce that too - to a level where the pain is reduced but not giving me side effects. I was on 6 x 600mg a day - 5 made no difference and so far 4 a day hasn't changed it either. I am in pain, but I don't think the drugs are helping that much. He also said that I won't get the same kind of withdrawal symptoms I had with tramadol. So don't be too afraid. . . . . it may not be so bad


With my first physio session most of the time was spent discussing my condition and the problems I felt I had. Then I was examined, as Lindsey says wear loose clothing that's easy to slip off and get back on again. You might be given a sheet with exercises if the Physiotherapist thinks they may be able to help you and then follow up appointments. I am sure it will be fine, let us know how you get on, all the best, take care. :) :)


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