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Green juice has (perhaps) helped reduce my pain

Green juice has (perhaps) helped reduce my pain

Hi - I have been attending a wellness centre for about a month, and one of the talks this week was about using 'green' veg juices to help reduce pain. Like most fms sufferers, I was willing to give it a go. I take gabapentin, but it isn't making a huge difference. I still have lots of pain

It seems that this has made a difference and I wanted to share it with you all.

If you have a juicer it is really easy to do.

I have used apples, celery, spinach, lime and cucumber. But you can add any kind of green veg . Yesterday I blended an advocado in it too and it was lovely as well as being great source of veg and good fats.

I know following specific diets is not proven, but this option seems to me to be of no detriment and may benefit my pain.

All I need now is to really cut down my wheat and grain intake as this is known to be something that increases drowsiness.

but hey .... one step at a time :-)

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Dear SuzySparkle,

You'll have to keep us informed as anything to help would be good. I would so like to go down the healthy route to this awful illness but need someone who is also giving it a try.

Good luck and keep us posted with any other delicious concoctions you think may help.

Hugs RenRobin..xxxx


Hi Suzy Sparkle

What are the amounts of each green veg you use for one drink?

Can you mix any green veg with a green fruit?

What are the correct combinations to use?


S. x


Hi - there really aren't any rules about what and how much. But as a guide, I use 2 apples, a good handful of spinach, two sticks of celery, half a cucumber a quarter of a lime (or lemon) and I used a whole avocado. it makes over half a pint and they recommend at least one green juice a day. However, they say you should have a pint of juiced fruit and veg a day.

I have had one of these every day - I ran out of cucumber today so I used a kiwi fruit. Apparently you can use broccoli stalks too.

It's definitely worth a try .... and mix it up a bit depending on what you have in the fridge. softer fruits need to be blended rather than juiced.

Good Luck - lhope you give it a go.


do you think they will be able to supply NHS prescriptions for the fruit and veg :)

It all sounds lovely. i used to do a lot of juicing but it became too much hassle to clean out the juicer. These gadgets are meant to make our life easier but thats only if someone else does the washing up lol :) xxx


I agree with that bit - i used to do it lots and then stopped because it was a bit of a hassle to clean. But now, I wash it by hand straight away and get it out of the way. It is a bit more manageable that way.


i will try this for a few weeks but im still gona take me medication , if you are still taking it please keep putting your posts on thanks for the advice i let you know how i get on xxxx


I keep on with the meds too - but they don't work that well, I am still usually left in quite a bit of pain. so thought this might help on top of the meds. Let me know if you try anything new - hope it helps you. xx


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