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Guys do not worry about changing to Gluten free you can make it easy now!!

I changed over four months ago and the difference is fantastic it is easy mind I did not eat bread any way, and selecting gluten free porridge is easy and you have now started.

A day for progresses with Soup fro lunch couple ryevitas (watch the packets some have wheat in) cheese salad whatever.

Dinner as per fish , potatoes , veg when you think like that and you include your five fruit and veg story done.

There is massive amount info about give it ago it wont affect Christmas dinner Ho Ho!!

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Hi Gins,

I finally stopped eating wheat/gluten last Christmas Eve. I knew I had an intolerance, but the pains/diarrhoea (sorry guys... I know you might be eating breakfast) had been bearable up to then. However, having cooked the mince pies and sausage rolls, I tried one mince pie and half a sausage roll. I also had some buffet style food at tea.

At around midnight I was in agony. I honestly thought something had ruptured I was in so much pain. I was doing a silent scream as we had our nephews in the next room. I didn't want to scare them given they were waiting for the lovely Father Christmas, not a screaming mad woman. Anyway, that night it was sooooooo horrendous for soooooo long, I went gluten free from then on.

I've had a couple of 'episodes' this year when I accidentally ate something that had wheat in and hadn't thought to look at the ingredients, e.g. cadburys fruit and nut, and brown sauce :(

Although removing gluten hasn't made any difference to many of my fibro symptoms, I don't have the excrutiating pain, bloating and 'other word I mentioned above' since. So life has really improved in that respect.

I wish I could eat lovely bread, croissants, scones, etc, but I never do because I never want to have that pain ever again! There are some reasonable gluten free foods about now and I'm buying a few kitchen gadgets to help me make some nice cakes/tray bakes this Christmas :)

So that's my gluten story...

...are you all asleep yet..? :)

Pip xx


Morning Pip

Well done you I started because of my daughter, that is I changed how I cook because of her many allergies. My bloating and swelling was so bad I joined in as well and bingo no swollen tummy. Once you start checking for gluten and allergies it becomes a way of life.You feel better in many ways. Once you start checking and you do need to it is is lots of things from bangers to sauce. A good butcher will make you gluten free sausages. Just ask nicely.

Why we did not do it before well we did n't we should have it would now be away of life. I love baking again it is such fun and discovering gums and zantan helps the binding of the wheat free products.

Need my brekki xgins


Yes, I've just bought a gluten free cook book and it gives you all the different ingredients to have in your cupboard. I shall be getting some xanthan gum this weekend :)

Enjoy your breakfast. I had porridge, using gluten free oats ;) xx


Morning :) I haven't transferred yet to trial it as I forgot to discuss it with my doctor but I am planning to and all the advice you guys give is much appreciated so thank you :)

I'm lucky also in the fact that a friend in the house went gluten free and is willing to guide me too he reckons it made a remarkable difference to him also :)

Hope you're all well :) xxxzebxxx :)


My body gave me no choice. I knew what was causing the pain and had to make a choice... I choose not to have that pain again if I can help it :) xx


Does this help with fybro or is it just for stomach problems?


gluten free products are so expensive-beyond budget?

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I must just say that if if you buy all the lovely gluten free things from the shelves yes it will be expensive BUT if you take time and do a little cooking just replace flour etc with gluten free it is not expensive or scary !!



Yes I want to try going gluten free because of ibs, and dairy free because of sinus problems to see if it will help. You say to have ryevitas, but rye contains gluten doesn't it? kazzy


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