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Does anyone know of financial support?

I live alone and I am not in a relationship. I have to have an operation on11 July 2012 and the place I work do not pay sick pay. I am also 280 miles away from all my family. So is there anyone out there who knows if any financial support is available to help after operations as the SSP is not going to cover my rent never mind my bills. PLEASE SOME HELP!

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you can get housing benefit, council tax benefit so get in touch with benefits office, find out when you can send forms in, and let your landlord know in advance what is happening so you wont get into bother with him xxx


Thanks. I've looked into this and I can't claim anything. Also have already talked to my landlord and he does not want anything to do with benefits (I feel he's letting without declaring). But thanks anyway, another stress and worry I guess on top of everything. xx


Hi, I don't know whether you live in the UK or not. There is an excellent charity called Turn2Us who are well informed on low income, benefit entitlement (and lots of other info) they may be able to help and point you in the right direction. Hope this works out, you must be entitled to some form of financial support.


Yes I live in London had to move for my job 5 years ago. Although everyone I know live in manchester where I am from.

I will try Turn2Us, thanks.


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