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Mega pain

Well guys been in mega pain since yesterday. Initially was helping out with a bit of garden tidy up. Hubby and boys were cutting and clearing so i decided to help! I knew i wld suffer later but a they say no pain no gain an u hve to push yourself sometimes plus weather wa lovely!

Anyway managed to sting myself on some nettles. Omg what pain!!! It was well over th top i knw we exp pain more but omg i cldn cope with it pain was down my whole arm al day nothing wld calm it. It was similar to pain of shingles! I even got to point of tears. Tnk god its eased off his morn but area is still mega sore! Also saw gp on fri as i was compl of headaches again that were lk explosions and making my head sore and my whole left side of body pins and nedles and numb! He said it was cluster migrains and gve me pill so when i feel it coming on i can tk one! Something else to deal wit and more pills!! What nxt to deal with or get x

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You poor thing, hope you're feeling better soon Cherie xx hugs


oh no ,i think after what you said i will stay well clear of the nettles ,i hope you feel much better today and dont get any more migraines ,hugs to you xx


i have been stung by nettles since suffering with fibro, and if i hadnt seen the nettles for myself, i would have sworn they were wasp stings they were that painfull!!!!! hugs to you xx


oh dear!ouch nettles hurt!i know wot you mean,sun comes out do lots of things and bang next day you pay for it!(thats me today)takecare hugs x


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