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Living With Fibromyalgia


I don't know if you have seen any/all this documentary made - I found and watched clips several times on YouTube - it seems interesting. It's rare for any coverage or similar devoted to Fibro to be made.

On Fibromyalgia Awareness Day you can download this for free using the coupon code on the page. It's 1.1GB in size but can be watched on PC, iPad or other mobile device easily.

That's the address, you might have to copy/paste the URL but it might be interesting if you have a fast enough internet to download it. I bought (strange to say bought when it was free) copy and it's downloading now.

Might be and interesting watch for those who are interested.

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thank you xx

Hi, I tried to download it but it went straight to the checkout page. Any ideas what I did wrong?


S, x


thanks for that love diddle x

Your not doing anything wrong Sandy,

You have to click the add to order to add the download to your basket and it takes you to a check-out page where you insert the coupon code FMAWARE2012 into the box next to update coupon then click the update coupon link which then lowers your total to zero and you click the order now button. On the next page you can fudge the details (except valid email) if you want and then click next. No payment details etc., are asked for but you have to go through check-out like your ordering something.

An email is sent to you with a download link after check-out, such as it is, is completed. I got mine within seconds and was downloading with a couple of minutes.

Just to add, due to time difference I did this on the page and just stopped prior to ordering to make sure the coupon still is valid. Due to the time difference the coupon code for a free download is still valid if anyone still wants to download the documentary.

I watched it yesterday and it found it good. Basically chronicles a daughter quest for information after her mother is given the diagnosis of Fibro. She talks to several Fibro patients, including one male fibro patient, as well as a Rheumy who is quite an expert in the field.

Very interesting.

well that is a shame, I did not read this till today, sounds interesting

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