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24, London, Living with M.E & Fibromyalgia


I’m prescribed pregabalin for my fibromyalgia and it helps my brain fog so much. My brain fog usually used to happen when my body would shake with my M.E & Fibromyalgia would kick in, then the pain would hit me and my brain would get brain fog due to the confusion in my body/brain. The pregabalin really helped me out because it stopped my body getting the shakes and escalating to pain and brain fog. Now I just get exhausted from my M.E and get the occasional pain when I overwork my body, but this is so much better than feeling like I have to live a sheltered life. I know it might not work for everyone but for me it’s the best thing for me so far. I’ve also felt that tramadol is amazing if the pain is excruciating but i have bought a electronic massager to use before bed on strenuous days as well as biofreeze which both work very well. I hope this might help some people by telling my story.

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Yes I use the bio freeze as well, I have cfs/fibro too I am on duloxtene this has improved my mental well being and coping with day to day life, yes always good to read a positive post. Take care


You sound like you have found a good remedy for your fibro- I understand about pregab. helping with brain fog, these meds were intially for epilepsy and help with the head pain it can cause, many fibro users find they cannot get any benefits from them but if you have thats good...Tramadol are also good , maybe look into some therapies too like hydro, occ therapy, they help me with sleep.



Thank you

I have an electric massager which my husband uses to help me as u can't reach some array, some days I am too sore for anyone to touch it. Hit water bottles and electric blanket are good. I have many conditions. The pain meds I take are nortriptyline, zomorph, oramorph, duloxetine, endometacin, co codamol, if I didn't take these I wouid not be able to get out of bed !!

Take care Lynne

I am in process of being taken of Gabapentin and put on pregabalin was told next thing looked at could be taken off fluoxetine changed to duloxetine it’s all hit and miss just now also on co codamol and have been for past 15 years xx

James, CFS book by Dr Sarah Myhill. Fibromyalgia, you could investigate Bowen Therapy.

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