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I was just in my kitchen making cauliflour cheese for my daughter for her dinner tonight tho of course I will not be partaking I think my gallstones were jumping about just at the smell of it lol,

Anyway I was just wondering what gadgets everyone uses to help them out in their daily lifes? whether that is to help in the kitchen or bathroomor for anything. I thought if we all said what we use it might help others who havent thought about it what do you think.?

sorry if this has been done before x

I will start

I bought a plastic steamer of ebay for £5 and its great no heavy pans of water when cooking veg or rice or pasta helps me so much

big soft hugs to you all xxxx

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Its probably kleenezze ,I've seen them in there

I bought a travel kettle to use instead of th regular kitchen kettles as its lighter andi use an electric can opener , a plastic jar priser that just makes the lid pop, and also a different type for cans and tins that have ring pulls all can be bought from most kitchen utensils shops or the above named catalogue

I am going to buy one of those machines that boils water like a coffee making machine as my arthritis is getting worse in my hands

hugs poppy xx


Hi all,

pasta cooker ,i had mine from ,but think kleenzze or betterware do them , i have a one cup kettle i just get a jug to fill it up ,then put cup under were water comes out ,so only have to lift my cup not the kettle .you can get kettle from argos its a brita i think .i have a ricer to do mash potato.


I use a plastic steamer for the microwave along with various plastic saucepans from Lakeland's. i couldn't manage without them as lifting empty pans is hard enough but with anything in them would be so hard. I love the clear plastic pans as you can see if anything is about to boil over too!

We have a commercial filter coffee maker that has an extra hot plate on top, but its perfect to keep coffee on all day without it getting spoilt. that way i don't have to think out lifting the kettle. Those little machines that dispense hot water are great, i just wish i had the room for one.

I bought a soup maker recently too. Its like a huge blender jug but also has a hotplate. i can have fresh soup without the need for saucepans. all gets cooked in the jug. the only bugbear is that its too heavy to clean afterwards…. but hubby makes a great washer upper'er!! lol xxx


Oooo they sound great must look into those thank you been a great help xx


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