Tired and overdone things again!

Hi all everytime I come here i've overdone things and too tired to write anymore! Just finished 6birthday cakes! Yes mad! Mixed up dates with my fibro fog! Got refused dla so need the cash. My husband is angry with me because I don't charge enough and i'm tired. But I need the money. And I need the rest! I've had am appointment to take my son to go to alder hey hospital next wednesday I hope he doesn't have fb.

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  • Thank you Chris. Having a lazy day today resting. Had a one drink of cider last night and now got asmashing headache! Regarding dla I just feel well I can be on my own make a meal etc. I don't know. I've also been refused hospital transport to take my son to alder hey because I can use public transport, but afraid to go as I will get stressed, tired and confused so might ask my husband to take day off his hols to take us

  • wow you been busy I would appeal and try cab .. i am sorry your not having much left with FMS these things seem a fight .. hope things turn around soon xx in the mean time get support on here and remember we understand gentle dyslexic hugs

  • Thanks Lexie I have been in contact with cab to fill in the form and will get back to them with appeal. It just when i'm sort of ok I tend to forget about the bad days and think i'm fine. I think I suffer more with the tirednes (and headaches)so haven't got the energy to follow things through.

  • i do that too .. try and remember your not superwoman good luck with CAB gentle dyslexic hugs

  • Thank you x

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