I just made a meringue!!

I just mad a meringue from scratch for the first time in ages...I used to beat the egg whites with a hand whisk...far too hard...now I got an electric whisk...meringue city here I come!! who wants some...its gooood!!!!

Also to keep it fat free I don't use cream...but instead get a pot of no fat yoghurt, mix in some vanilla paste or extract and some sweetener and it is delicious with strawberries and the meringue!! oh yeah!!!

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  • Meringue. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm . I love them ( where do you live again ? :) ) .

  • LONDON! :)

  • My son is in London today........... I'll ask him to pop in and pinch some off you for me lol .

    OK ok... so I admit I'm feeling too lazy to make myself any :)

  • heh heh...I'll look out for any strange men outside my door! LOL xxxx

  • sounds lush but bit too far for me will have to image the taste

  • He is strange too ! He's a drummer in Gothic metal band and in London for a photo shoot ... So if someone in leather , with spiky hair and New Rock boots turns up and loiters .... You'll know who it is LOL xx

  • heh heh...I'm slightly scared now!! Maybe I'll just chuck meringue at him...LOL..only joking, Im sure he is delightful...never judge a book by its cover!!!

  • Mmmmm my son and his wife live in London....... they are on their way to track you down Fibrodude!!!!! x x

  • normally i would love to partake in your merangue but i am not really eating at min jus fancy apples/pears/kiwis at min but normally i love it yummy love diddle x

  • so...Im waiting for you all and OOPs too late...ate it all up!! heh heh :)

  • Well that's just not good enough fibrodude . I demand you get back in the kitchen and make some more right now :)


  • ha ha...I would but...oh dear..too tired!!! teehee...:)

  • Ohh i love meringue and i live in london hehe but ohhh i'm too late you ate it all up !!! hehehe :-) maybe next time ...... :-) love and gentle hugs xxxx

  • Sorry Jayjay....next time! :)

  • Ohhh thankyou fibrodude :-) hehehe i'll hold ya to that :-) hehehe x

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