Does amitriptyline make you more hungry & eat more?

About 1 & a half after taking amitriptyline in the evening it makes me feel so hungry and just want to eat!

Does this happen to anyone else?

C x

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  • it might be making your sugar levels drop maybe try drinking some fresh orange before you go to bed ? xx

  • Yeah i'l give that a try :) Always seem so hungry after taking it even if I've just had my dinner! Thanks xx

  • hi no it doesnt make me any more hungry than i nromally am sorry love diddle x

  • Aw, maybe it's just me being hungry hehe xx

  • hi no it doesnt make me any more hungry than i nromally am sorry love diddle x

  • yes! it tends to give you the munchies,so if you eat more you obviously put on weight,so munch on a apple or carrot,very slowly tends to help(pretend its chocolate if you must!)

  • Yeah, that's exactly how I feel, usually have a bowl of cereal or two haha! :) x

  • me too

  • I also notice this, i also have a oj or milkshake. bizzare i know. lou x

  • Oh a milkshake sounds good! I think i'l make one tonight & see if it fills me up a bit :) Thanks! x

  • All antidepressants make me feel like this Charlie, my craving is usually for chocolate and unless I have some I feel like I will go mad!!. xx

  • That's the feeling I have too, just need to eat! xx

  • Hi Charlie, yes unfortunately it can do and in my case very very thirsty!

    I worry about gaining weight because of my lack of activity and diabeties so i try to keep sipping water and keep small pieces of fresh chopped non-exotic fruits and some seeds or just a few nuts and this has helped me so much. You could also try splitting your meals in half and eating 6 small meals rather than the regular 3, its amasing how these 'tricks' make your body think its not hungry!

    Hugs, poppy xx

  • I always wake up during the night really thirsty, always been some water beside my bed now! I'l have some fruit chopped up for tomorrow, just feel I'm constantly eating, but you can have as much fruit as you want?

    I'l try and have a smaller dinner tomorrow and then something a few hours later :)

    Love C xx

  • I find I am more thirsty and I need to drink more. My appetite is actually less, I am far less hungry than I ever used to be before Fibro - it's so unfair as I have put on weight and I never did before. I do what poppy suggests and put half the amount on my plate for dinner and then have a handful of dried fruit or nuts a few hours after that. A little and often seems to help and also keeps blood sugars in check too. :) :)

  • Thanks! I'm going to try the smaller meals tomorrow and chop some fruit to eat throughout the day, already eat lots of fruit but can never have too much I don't think :).

    Hope you've had a good day! x

  • It's been quite a good day here thanks charlie, hopefully I will get some decent sleep tonight as I feel really tired. I agree, you can never have enough fruit! At least we can say we are getting our 5 a day! :) Take care, I hope you have a good day tomorrow! :) :)

  • That's good, love having a good day :) .. I have my first exam on Tuesday so just busy studying, hope it goes well!


  • Good Luck with your exam Charlie x

  • Yes it does me too. I get the munchies for sweet things generally blueberry muffins

  • Oh love muffins too! I've been trying to keep sweet things out of the house, less temptation hehe x

  • Libbyde I'm exactly the same no appetite but have gone from a size 8 even after 4 children, to a size 14 on tops and dresses and a 10 in trousers etc. Pregablin side Effect is abdominal swelling. Being bigger makes me even more depressed than usual.

  • But you're cuddlier now lol

  • I have put 2 stone on and just can not get it off , i did,nt know if it was the tablets.i just want to eat chocalate and sweet things all the time .I dont want to go out because i feel fat.I dont go to bed till about 1 2 in the morning , i get up at 7 , clean up , then go back to bed some days till dinner to catch up with my sleep.

  • Im exactly the same, put weight on, cant get it off.. they told me it was unlikely down to tablets but i think pills make me crave the wrong foods & cos i feel so fat & down i think what the hell & have that chocolate bar to compensate the pain that i am in. my sleep habits exactly same are not alone in this.. x

  • i just have no go in me any more , takes me twice as long to do any thing . But now i just take my time and if i feel like sitting down i will , as before i would rush around like a wild women to get every thing done,some days i would,nt get to sit down till late , then i would be in so much pain .no one in my house under stands my pain , i just wish they could have it for just one day and they might under stand more , and mybe help me more .


  • Yeah it is really hard to get things done especially when your so tired & sore :( Can imagine it is harder for people to understand since they have never experienced it x

  • A dietician is the best person to advise you - I have put on loads of weight due to ami and other meds.

    I have changed my eating habits and never go hungry. Even with my limited mobility, I am attending a special exercise class for people with health and mobility problems.

    I have lost 8 kilos since August. Slow and steady is the thing. I got weighed (in private) today - and was amazed. I really didn't think I was capable of it.

  • Oh I'l have a look into it, I haven't put much weight on if any but I'm worried in case I do, feel like I'm always eating haha .. Well done on the 8 kg, the class sounds good, what kind of things do you do?x

  • Well, I was first referred to a dietician and attended a Slim for Life 8 week course. Maybe you don't need that - you just want to make sure you don't pile the weight on.

    The exercise class (Fit for life) involves stretching and many exercises are done sitting down.

    We walk around in circles a lot - I am about the slowest :)

    We use light weights for some exercises like bicep curls. That makes me sweat. And spin bikes.That's the Monday session.

    I only moved onto twice a week after 3 months. On Thursdays we use the Easyline gym - (Google it). That has a lot of resistance machines, most exercises are done sitting down, but we do step ups in between or use the spin bikes (exercise bikes).

    We warm up and cool down after each session. We are motivated by our fitness instructor and each other - I could not have done this on my own.

    It's not just about losing weight - it's about strengthening muscles too.

    Exercise on referral is subsidised by the NHS. Each session costs £1.50.

    Honestly - when I began the exercise programme, I was ready to quit after 10 minutes.

    I have a massive flare up after every class. That doesn't go away - but I think it's worth it.

  • That sounds good, it seems to include quite a lot! I'm still able to do dancing, which I have done for 18 years! Not able to do as much as I use to because of fibro but hoping to keep doing it for as long as I can, would miss it if I didn't go :( .. I'm the same and get a big flare up after it! x

  • I'm afraid we have to choose between aching muscles that work - or aching muscles that don't work.

    Keep up the dancing if you can. If not, look for an alternative - especially one which deals with posture - Pilates? Yoga?

    Enjoy! xx

  • hi charlie, yes, those pesky tabs do the same too me, it can either go one way or the other, lack of appetite or increased levels of high carb foods, and sweet foods.. i hate these drugs, as they make me more irritable. goodluck with it.xx

  • Yeah I agree :( Thanks xx

  • omg the things you learn from this site ,

    since starting amiltriptyline i have suddenly got a really bad sweet tooth and iam soooo firsty !

    i hadnt realised it was these tablets

    thank you xxx

  • Me too! I feel like I'm always eating and drinking gallons of water haha xx

  • If you are still hungry on Amitriptelyne ask your doc for a change to Nortriptelyne. Does the same without the munchies. I would only eat 1 slice of pizza until I was given Ama, then I was hungry for the whole thing and put on loads of weight. Had no such issue since changing though. Good luck. Fi x

  • Oh I will look into this :) Thank you x

  • hi charlie im taking amitriptelyne and gabapentin for me/fibromyalgia im going on holiday in a few weeks and been trying to loose some weight but i feel im fighting a looseing battle as im not sure which tablet im taking or even both make you feel hungry sorry this probably isnt the news you want to hear i aso suffer from depression so i have no will power either and when you are in lots of pain its easy to give in to temptation on a slightly brighter note the suns shining so onwards and upwards. regards joed

  • Only been taking it 3 weeks but it makes me slightly sleepy but not enough to give me much wanted sleep but haven't felt hungry.

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