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Help controling depression without anti-depressants as I dont want to go back on them after beeing on them for 11.5 years. My depression has now got out of control. I am starting to cry for no reason. withdrawing from all the things that I do. I needed to cut down anyway. The only things that I will going to arre the carers' centre stuff as I enjoy my art groups and some of the stuff I do from the PCT.

I feel that i am letting the other organisations down because I wont be going to their meetings or group.

I have been going to counceling for a few times. i have my next session next Wednesday. I will also go and see my GP on Thursday as I have an appointment with the nurse at 8:30am. Dee

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bless you that is horrible when you feel like that and jus cant seem to snap out of it to be fair i am on citralopram i was on 20 mg now 40 mg there is no difference in ho wi feel i just think that what ever i tokk i would feel the same i hate it when you cry fro jus no reason but in a way i think well it is better out thabn in and it wants to be out so let it

it seems like you are doing everything right to battke through you are in touch with GP nurse and having counselling so really there is not much else you could do have you tried meditation i have nt done it myself but a lady i know she has fibro and every day she goes somewhere quiet in her house and just get in the dark she sits/lays coloses her eys and for 30 mins she just breathes in and out quite deeply and let herseldf totally relax she swears by it as she does not like taking tablets and another lady i know she does the same but twith a relaxation tape on so may be worht a go good luck love diddle x


I to no how hard it is to cope when your depressed, like you I have been on and of antidepressant most of my life, I have tried to not take them but each time it just gets the better of me and have to give in. I do hope the counselling will help, I really feel for you Margaret xx


fibromyalgia symptom is CLINICAL DEPRESSION. that is to say a chemical imbalance, if you want to control it, unfortunately you need to correct the imbalance (anti-depressants) you can help yourself with relaxation, meditation etc but you cannot correct the chemical imbalance without medication.

I would also recommend writing a WRAP (Wellness Recovery Action Plan) where you identify your triggers and also what helps you, write it down and ensure your loved ones know where to find it. You can include your wishes regarding treatment and your toolbox (what you need personally to help you to feel better... ie favorite music, incense etc)

My toolbox includes a set of nails ~(i always feel better when my nails are done) music aromatherapy oils and a note that says i must not be seperated from my dogs.

If yo google WRAP it will give you more details.

do not be affraid of medication it is there to help you

good luck xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


i was like that and didnt want to go back on anti dep, kept crying but wanted to drive into a wall and kill myself it was just the thought of my kids and animals that stopped me(and hubby!!) so made myself go back on them and im a different person! yes i still have down days but end up spending money on myself when i do but it doesnt last too long and nothing like it was before.

sometimes it helps to go to speak to someone but that never worked for me.

sending you lots of soft hugs and hope you can feel happier soon xx


Yes, this condition made my depression worse after I'd managed to control it for 2 whole years without meds. I was given Duloxetine which not only helps my depression but tackles my pain as well. It is no use trying to be a martyr where depression is concerned as it is an awful condition that can have devastating affects on your life. I would make an appointment to see your GP ASAP and see what he/she recommends.

I would also recommend a pain/depression box and fill it full of things that make you laugh - DVDs, CDs, books, photos, anything and when you are feeling really down or your pain is really bad go to that box - it is amazing how effective laughter is on pain and low mood. Shell x


Hi Sandy

I have just been prescribed duloxetine 30mg but afraid to take it, It;as still at the chemists.

I've had it before at 20mg and I only took 11 tablets from the months supply, presumably it kept me awake,something we all suffer from with Fibro anyway and I suffered dizzyness and vertigo.

I am usually a very amusing person, but my sense of humour has gone, so I think that depression/pain box is one good idea.

Plumcake x


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