Diabetic eye-screening for the housebound? DOES NOT EXIST!!!

Finally found e.mail address for a Health Info Facilitator based at my local hospital who very quickly sent me number for OutsideClinic. Cannot be done. I dont get it. Am I really the only one in this position? I'm sat here waiting for Jeremy Beadle to walk through the door and say "Smile - you're on Candid Camera"! Only I dont have the energy to smile. I suspect it would hurt too much as well. :) There you go - closest I'm going to get today!

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  • Gentle hugs tulip,

    Sorry you're not getting anywhere. I'd be surprised if Jeremy Beadle walked through your door though - He died a while back - unless, of course, you meant his ghost? :-P

    Take care and good luck - I may not be in the same position as you are - but have been in a few similar situations in the past though.

    Carol xx

  • No disrespect intended :) As the poor guy had to die before the public (ie. you and me) were allowed to know just what a wonderful man he really was I dont think he would mind. But even so if he was still here somehow doubt there would be any chance of him appearing at my door with that wonderful, annoying grin on his face!! Just letting off steam I suppose. Many thanks for the support :)

  • Hey there tulip, I know you weren't disrespectful sweetie - I agree with you - Jeremy wouldn't mind! but I can just see his ghost at your door to cheer you up and take your mind off things! - I always liked the guy from the moment I first saw him on Game For A Laugh. Such a sad loss and so young too. And he did have an annoying grin, didn't he?

    Gentle hugs,

    Carol xx

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