Has anyone else been receiving evening dhss/dwp calls?

My niece phoned me tonight at 7.40pm to inform me that the Medical Board from DWP had phoned at 7.30pm and asked to speak to me. Has anyone else had any evening phone calls my niece was told on querying the gent that they worked 8am-8pm, Just seemed a bit strange. eager to recieve your responces. Gentle Hugsxxx

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  • Yes, I had a call at tea time to discuss them getting ready to move me from incapacity benifit to ESA, make sure you get their name and dept and say you'll check in the morning, dont give out any info, I think they asked security questions, I cant remenber how I dealt with it as I thought it was odd but it was them ??

    Keep safe


  • Thankyou for your responce to my question BlueBunny, I telephoned the number which the guy from the DWP had phoned from??? and it was answered by a American Sounding Answering Machine Message, I left a messge which said I was checking to see if the guy who had phoned my niece earlier was the real deal as he had given her no name I also left my updated landline number also asking him/them to get in contact with me to verify he was who he claimed to be. The Number the guy phoned from was 01264-325550 I believe the area code is for Bedfordshire??? anyway it sure seems strange??? especially when I had previously given them the DWP my updated telephone number, plus mobile number and they were also written on my questionairre yet they were still phoning my Niec'es Number asking for me. I/we can do without all this Stress the Government is putting us through it's totally I am sorry my reply is so long winded Thanks again.xxx Gentle Hugs. Ps I forgot add that the telephone number belonging to my niece was given to them when I had first claimed I/B as I had not got a phone.

  • I wouldn't put it past them to be some new kind of test to try and catch people out !

    Having said that though they are probably just having to work later to keep up with all the changes.

    I don't give out personal info to anyone on the phone so I think telling them you'll ring back is a good idea .


  • Thanks for your responce HelenUk1963 I have left a reply for all to see also thanking BlueBunny for her's. My hands and arms are aching and I am having a cold sweat (It's not the Menopause as I started going through it aged 32 and had completly finished going through it by the age of 40) a total of 27yrs as I will be 59 in July. now that the retiring age has gone up I cant retire at 60 next year (2013) I have to wait unttill 2016. Then we have to face this assessment having been previously awarded the benefit in my case (indefinately) our human rights are definately being abused it's so unfair. Anyway I have moaned enough So I will bid you a restfull night Gentle Hugsxxx

  • hi i havent had a cal but they do work up until 8pm as i have called them late it does seem strabnge normally if they are going to do move you they will inform you by a letter i would not tell them anything on the phone i hada call a couple of years ago from the WTCTC people they wanted to know a few things as i am in dispute with them but he knew a couple of things but i refused to discuss anything with him on the phone as i was not sure and wrotae a letter of complaint too

    i told him he would have to put everything in writing

    so DON'T be put under pressure however much he knows abput you those people are clever so jus say can you put it all in writing and i will call you when i recive it have read it to discuss it love diddle x

  • Hello. Having worked for HMRC ] I know that the reason Government Agencies ring at tea-time and when the soaps are on is to try and catch people at home. It is far more cost effective to ring someone and ask questions than to send a letter. However, if the caller seems suspicious always ask for a telephone number you can ring back on and a contact name. You can even ask for their supervisor to ring you the next day at a time stipulated by you. Never give any information like your National Insurance Number over the telephone if you believe the call to be dubious. Hope this helps. Shell x

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