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I am a very proud member of this group i havent really been on here long but i find everyone stick together if we feel someone is down we pick them up

if someone wins an appeal or has good news that they share we all feel happiness for them and it cheers us all up as if it were our own news

if we need help with a question there is always someone to answer it

even though most of us are not medically trained we cannot give advice on meds etc but we can say what we think and our opinions on it

we can talk about anything on here from whatever condition we have due to fibro to our family / friends/ partners / pets /homelife / even our diets and what we having for tea it doesnt matter the fact is it is nice to know that jus by tapping a few keys we can all reach out to so many people and i for one am very happy to be assosiated with this site and all that it stands for

i sometimes cry at some blogs and i sometimes smile at some blogs

i laugh at some blogs and i get angry at some blogs but what we must all keep in our minds whatever anyone wries it is their opinion at that moment and we must not take offence at it

love to you diddle x

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Bless you diddle and you give us some of the best laughs lol.

I agree everyone entitled to their opinions and thats the good thing about this site we can say it. Hopefully no one gets offended i know i dont.



Arr thats lovely diddle :) i only started coming on here last week. so its all new to me. but i feel so lucky to of found you all :) Love and hugs to you. Helen xxx


I think this site is wonderful and I feel like I've made some good friends here who really understand what it's like being ill , having no energy and all the myriad of problems that Fibro brings ..

I think it's inevitable though that as the site grows bigger there will be differences of opinion . I've seen it happen on other sites and it can get quite distressing .

I've never had as much support from anywhere as I've had on here and I don't like to see people falling out , but tempers do get a bit frayed sometimes , especially when people are feeling ill or depressed .

I think we all need a group hug.



Well said ladies, Also group hug need.

Lou x


Im squeezing in the group hug!


Well written Diddle, it can be a lonely illness as its not really understood but once you get onto this site you know you are no longer alone. Wish I had found it a long time ago!!. :) :) :) xx


I also agree with diddle and all, Well said, and i agree again :-) group hug xxx


I am just new to the site and love it. I'm so glad I've come across such a friendly & informative bunch of people.

I agree. Group hug (((()))))



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