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I have space in my house and space in my head! ... and 3 amazing friends :-)

I have space in my house and space in my head!  ... and 3 amazing friends :-)

I know and have known that the clutter around me was not helping my stress levels ...... and having my 3 lovely friends come over and clear out so much of my stuff has been an emotional but wonderful experience. It has also helped me to seriously think about the steps I am going to take to keep de-cluttering. It was pouring with rain and the wind chill was unpleasant, but still my friends helped me to clear the garage and load up their cars with stuff to go to the recycling centre. They are just amazing friends and I feel so privileged and lucky to have such friends.

They moved furniture - hoovered and just got me to get rid of stuff I don't needs and don't use.

So that is the kitchen and living room done .... next stop is the bedrooms. My daughter's anxiety levels are high about saying goodbye to her stuff, but she's more than happy for me to be getting rid of mine!!!! Teenagers eh! Anyway feeling emotionally lighter if not in any less pain .. thankful for small positives :-)

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This sounds so familiar, my home is central to my life but also my prison because it needs so much basic housework as well as finished decorating, it can really bring you down, so I am so pleased you have such good friends and the help they have given you, I have a tween (10 yr old girl) lol she likes to keep her stuff too :-) but we have a wait pile and if it gets forgotten she's happy to let it go, she like to upcycle too, makes her feel good.


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how lucky are you to have friends that really understand you and what you are going through i too have friends like that but it is nice to know you can call them for help you must feel so much better in yourseld too love diddle x

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You're very lucky to have friends like that ,that's the type of friend i am,its just unfortunate that we cant all be the same as my friends are not.did you get the rest of your place done?.


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