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Hi i am jus popping on gor a bit i have been on early this morning and it was early lol

had to go to my sisters beauty salon today been there since half nine just popped home for hour and got to go back as she is doing my nails so only here for a bit but thankyou or all your messages of concern i am full of pain as had grandson sat jus had enough but will be on here when i have had my bath

so glad you all miss me lol or is it the carrot cake you miss prob the latter ?????

you will be pleased to know i now had piece of mums friut cake warme dup in microwave with evaporated milk yummy

take care and will be back soon love diddle xxx

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mmmmmmmmmmm send some over hear Lou x


now we're talking...wish i was there for the cake..but am at work and miles from Suffolk!


lol too late its gone but i have got a carrot cake that keeps peeping at me i am thinking nails done hot bath and carrot cake yummy yummy will be back later i have jus t had a pm from jules 58 who is leaving i will miss her so muc much love to her diddle x


mm sounds yummy, yep I saw a blog this morning jules 58, but when I clicked on it, the pencil Ooophs man would appear. But couldnt get into her blog. Jules58 was always kind to me and a good blogger I wish her all the best lou x


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