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All i done was have a 2 year old grandson here from 2.30pm to 11.30 am so how could i pooibly be in so much pain?????

he can walk about so not like i have to carry him around he feeds himself i just sit by side of the bath while he is i it so no back breaking bathing him.

All i done was carry him up to bed last night that was it and carry him down this morning

hope you are not in so much pain and looking forward to a new week and a new month cant believe it will be may on Tues next thing we kow the christmas wrapping paper will be in the shops !!

i will let you into a secret i have got a huge bagful of christmas prsents all wrappde up in my loft for my grandsos lol shhh!!!!!

love diddle x

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Hi diddle, so pleased that you had a good time. :)

Please dont mention the xmas word, omg, Its too stressful, i wish i was as organised as you lol. hugs, kel xxxx


well just so you hate me even more normally by end sept i am all bought and wrapped up and all my joke pressies that we have after diner that i wrote all the poems for are all doe too

i have already written 22 poems for this year and got quite a few pressies for those too so i am really ahead this year

but we wont mention it any more shhhh!!!!!

love didddle x


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