really confused don't know what to do ?

Hello guys, have come on for a little moan ! I have had a terrible couple of weeks pain has been awful been losing lots of days off work, has anyone got to the stage where they are considering giving up work cause this awful condition is taking control of my working life and my social life, as much as I love my job I think it is now getting to the stage I need to give it up, im sure at work they think im a liar ! kim xx

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  • I threw in the towel some years ago, I didn't have to claim anything so have no idea about that, someone will be along with advice I'm sure. xx

  • thanks lou60 x

  • I so sympathise, I am off sick at the moment but people tell me I look so well. I'm thinking whether its easier for everyone if I resign…...I have to see a doctor in Occupational Health next week. X

  • Hi sunnygirl12, its just at the moment having flare ups all the time take care x

  • Hi,

    It's awful having to struggle at work & keep taking time off. I used to beat myself up with feeling bad towards my colleagues covering my work.

    In the end my contract was terminated due to 'ill health'. I fought hard on this whilst being very unwell (made me more ill) largely because my management had been very underhand about everything & because I wanted to work.

    Looking back I can see I couldn't. After long spells of being off sick I returned on reduced hours but couldn't even sustain two hours without going down hill. Not working hasn't improved my abilities with CFS/ME & FM & life has changed so much (can't do much ):).

    I do get dla & awaiting ESA assessment (waiting after near on a year).

    Some employers have an ill health early pension policy, may be worth you checking on criteria etc..

    It's a tough decision to make.


    I d

  • Hi jellypain, thanks for your advice its just having no choice I want to work but my body wont let me take care xx

  • Sorry your is so much pain,, people outside of fibro just do not realise just how agonising it can be.

    Best Wishes, Ray

  • hi RayB, I got a bit fed up one day in work and told my manager "people have to have this condition to know what its like" take care x

  • Yes, I hope you will find a way to control and beat the pain you are having.

    For years before I gave up work, I was only able to work part time anyway. I am no longer empoloyed. Does that relieve my pain? Helps but not 100%. So I do all I can to make this beeter. It also helps. Some days are better than others. No matter what you do about the pain, I think you will experience those good vs. bad times also. But you can decrease the discomfort and not worry about it so much. We all deal with it.


  • hi clare-hart , thanks for your advice its just difficult knowing what to do for the best take care x

  • Suggest you find out what all your options are, and if you can get any help before you finally decide. Are you able to reduce your hours / work differently. I have always worked and I think it is important to do so if you can. best wishes

  • hi betty67, I only work 2 days but long shifts I think I have run out of options,i think I will push myself as long as I can take care x

  • Oh that must be worse - I do the opposite I work most days but in 2-3 hours chunks. Can means I go between about 20 to 40 hours a week depending on the time of year.

    All the best.

  • Kimey, If you could maybe find something else with very reduced hours, it sounds like the present job just may not suit,,

    It can be a very sad existance without the social outlet of the work environment, do try to concider it form all angles before making any decisions. Less money coming in and It is much more expensive to have to heat a house for the longer period that you would be at home in winter,, most of us seem to find the cold unbearable.

    You may be able to volunteer somewhere a few hours a week but that wouldn't help the finances!

    Oh to be rich instead of beautiful !!

  • Hi RayB, the last resort for me would be to give up work for all the reasons you have said, but sometimes when you are having your really bad days which I find im getting more of the choice can be taken away from you thanks for your advice take care kim x

  • Hi kimey007

    I am so sorry to read that you are struggling so much and I genuinely hope that you can find some resolution and relief to your pain issues. I also want to wish you all the best of luck with work regardless of what you decide to do?

    All my hopes and dreams for you

    Ken x

  • hi ken, thanks for your advice take care x

  • Can you talk to an occupational health practitioner. If they don't have one in house, they should be able to contract one. my work goes along the lines "better coming in sometimes and doing something than staying at home doing nothing.". Even so I didn't make a full week last month :(

  • hi fenbadger. I think ive run out of options at work I am working with a therapist practioner to help me "pace myself" its just the unpredictability of it you don't know how you are going to feel day to day, thanks for your advice take care x

  • Spot on. Pacing doesn't guarantee you'll be flare free. Is your therapist reporting to work. A carefully worded letter can make employers think a bit. Even so some are immune to common sense or compassion.

  • I was "Truly Heartbroken" when I had to stop working!! I cried and cried for days!! was the right decision to make! I have as many bad days, as I have good ones, but you never know which one is going to greet you in the morning!! I do get bored and fed up sometime but have fab family and friends who help me out and I also read a lot!! Only a fellow sufferer will understand the pain we endure daily and obviously family and real friends will know you well enough to see the change in you!....Whatever the outcome,you need look after number one!!....much

  • hi ninjananna, thanks for your advice take care x

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