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Been up just over an hour as only had about 3 hours sleep so just been laying in my bed in the quiet and looking at the ceiking i think i know every detail of my ceiling lol

oh well up now and dressed thought i would get dressed as my arms and hips are killing me so done it incase they get worse and couldnt bend about so much once i had been up hour or two

well now gonna take my doggy to top of the road it is nice out there at the min and dry so will do that while the going is goos love to you all Diddle x

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i know my cieling inch by inch as well . just going to take my two dods out as well x


I have a wall papered in black and white wall paper and that drives me mad keep looking at the pattern lol I have to turn my back to it now :)

Although it was nearly 2.30am before I fell asleep last night I feel wide awake (for me ) at the moment. So going to go out for an hour in the car, cant walk too far as my hips and knees hurt or else I would be out with the dog too!


(((Gentle Huggles!))) I have been much the same Diddle. Only I was power napping. I dressed in the clothes that familiarily are called "My Slob about's". No buttons and slide over my Aching Legs ,Feet and Shoulders, today Today was a pretty day, so waddled into town and forgot Deal, is windy! Lol! I went over on my Bum. Just how embarrassing that was. :)) I was helped to the bench, and cried a bit, not sure if it was Pain, Shock or the Humilliation of it??? Or all of it. But a kind lady called the Doctors , and I was given a injection , at home here. and feel woozy. but "Stoned!" so won't stay here. will pop in later, Love & Light to you for the weekend. Huggles, xxxxx


oh bless your heart yeah i would have bounced back up quicer than i went down bless you i hope you are ok not too bruised love diddle x


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