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Driving, knives and forks

I am feeling so down and fed up. I fell asleep on the sofa last night at 6pm and woke briefly to go to bed. I feel so sorry for my poor husband – what kind of life is it for him to be stuck with me? I found myself falling asleep at the wheel of my car this afternoon. Last night my hands were so painful I stopped eating tea as it was too sore to hold a knife and fork. I work full time and have no energy at all for anything else. I am convinced everyone just thinks I am lazy especially as I am over weight. How to make others understand? My Mum and husband are very supportive so I am lucky in that way but I daren’t tell them at work particularly as I have only been in my job for 7 weeks. I don’t know how much longer I can carry on like this.

I am so tired and in so much pain. Please tell me it gets better than this? Seeing my GP tomorrow to discuss meds (have only recently been diagnosed).

Sorry for the moan – I just needed to get it off my chest with people who understand xx

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Sorry you are feeling so down on yourself, I am sure your husband is a lucky man who does not feel 'stuck' with you. It is good that he and your mum are supportive. It can get better than this so don't give up hope, we all have really bad days and really good days..yours seem bad right now but will get better..honest. A lot of people with fibro are accused of being lazy by people who are ignorant and don't know better. Well, we know that its not true. We have the right attitude just not the strength sometimes. Keep strong. Your work days will vary depending on how you feel and it will be up to you wether to disclose your fibro or not....maybe wait until you know them a bit better, they may give you lots of support. Lots of thoughts are with you. xxxxx:)


Hi, sorry your feeling down, yes it is a difficult thisng we live with and of course it as it also has a knock on effect on any other medical problems you have, but having the support of your family is the first and most important as they see you at your worst and will understand what it is your feeling.

I know its hard at work as you said when your new its hard to rock the boat as jobs are not as easy to find these days.

all we can do here is offer a ear and a shoulder to cry on we even let you YELLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL when you need to we all have our problems and some worse than others but everyone that comes to this forum is here as they too need support.

I know from my own experience that you wonder if people think your lazy and only once was this ever questioned by some one of my EX friends, it was the usual well your always looking well and your out a lot and go on holiday, Erm thats my life? so she said maybee its because you can`t be bothered when i told her i was not able to meet up due to pain, well as you can imagine my answer to her was " I swear to god I would willingly give up 10 years of my life just to have one year of yours , it would give me a year to do all the things i want to do so for me it would be a greatfull swap, as you can imagine a pin could be heard drop, hmmmmmmmmmmmm so yes we all have our own of handling how it effects our daily life, and hey your weight did not give you fm, big or thin we all fit in i know its difficult but try to pick up as many tips as possible on here and soon you will be offering your own, so welcome to the club no one really wants to join but we are here and we will keep fighting this awfull little monster.

take it a day at a time, be honest with your gp as you may need his support and try not to let thing get on top pop on here there is always someone to have chat so although i myself am new to forum am not to fm had it for around 6 ys so take care and chat soon




Hi welcome to the site you can moan away on here oor just come and read the blogs you are ot alone we are all here for each other and to help each other all we can .

i would love to say to you oh yes you will def feel alot better in few weeks but i dont thik anyone could say that !

glad you goig to your GP tommorrow to sort out your meds thats a start anyway we are all different meds on here it is trial and error with those as to what suits this one and that one

I think that you should tell your employers your condition perhaps you could ask the P to print you off some info to give to them / as if you are having a really bad day i.e stumbling/fibro brain fog you would not want them to think you had bee drinking or aything so i think you should really be upfront and honest with them anyway cant wait to chat again love diddle xxx


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