need a hug

Well yesterday tea time i was coming down the stairs and my knee gave way and i ended up in a heap at the bottom of the stairs with my cats looking at me. Fortunately as i had neen replacing cushions on the my couch i had put the old ones at the bottom of the stairs and thank god i did because thats where i landed. my buttock and my foot were killing me along with other areas due to fibro and arthritis so i managed to get an elastic bandaged (wet) on my foot and that has helped - just some bruising now. really shook me up though. and luckily it was only the last three steps that i went down.

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  • Poor you. Hope the bruising soon goes away. The shock is the worst though. Be nice to yourself, and here are some hugs to help you through the day!


  • thanks caz

    Belinda xx

  • Make sure you take it easy today Bbstport, keep warm, take your pain meds and hopefully you won't feel too bruised for too long.

    Take care.

    (((hug))) xxx


  • thanks libs

    Belinda xxx

  • Oh my word, please be careful and rest. There is nothing worse than loosing your footing on stairs is there? I hope you knee, foot, buttock etc are ok but I suspect you will be feeling a tad sore.

    Remember if you are at all worried ring your doctors, you don't want to be in pain especially over the weekend.

    Take care and here's a big ((((((((((((((((((((HUG))))))))))))))))))))

    Karen xxxxxxxx

  • thank you Karen

    Belinda xxx

  • How are you feeling?

    K xxx

  • Oh poor you! Its scary when you knees give way isnt it? It happened to me only once last summer and i fell in the garden and couldnt get back up. It hurts like anything but its the shock of it too i think. You must be feeling shaken today so as the others have said, be kind to yourself, do as little as possible and have a nice treat, wether its watching your favourite film or having a calorie bomb little snack! Am sending huge hugs and hoping you feel a little better soon. Much Love..Charlii xx

  • It's so scary my knee gave way in the garden not long ago,I caught hold of the wheelie bin and that fell on me and I cracked another rib... Rest up bb xx

  • One big hug winging it's way towards you. Take it easy for the next few days. Take care, S x

  • Oh no ,, hope it's ok, get it looked at if it don't get better soon. Make sure you walk carefully on it. I had a sprain on my foot it took 8 months to proper get better its awful . BIG HUG x

  • thank you all for your kind words. I am now back home as i have to visit my father each day as i am his carer - he is 86. I am still aching - my foot and my back but i dont think i have broke anything. i did put an elastic bandage on my foot and ankle but it does not seem to have done anything and i still feel shaken up. I have just sat down with a nice cup of tea so hopefully i should have a nice afternoon.

    Hugs and wishes backl to you all

    Belinda xxxx

  • take care, (( :) ))


  • Bless yo, gentle hugs coming your way x x x

  • thanks

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