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if it isnt bad enough that every muscle in my body hurts but i cant get shut of this pigging headache

im back at the gp again today i get cluster migrain and its now been everyday for at least a week maybe longer an emergancy appt but on the fone she said "well with all the painkillers your on i dont no if there is anything i can do but come up and see me "so i dont hold out for much but i also think if i still have a migrain with the pain killers i take how bad would it be without them so here goes nothing i just hope i can get something to help me get rid of it and if it makes me sleep then that would be a bonus lol

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hi sorry you are struggling with a migraine hope you get on ok at the gp love to you diddle xxx


Hiya I hope you get some help to relieve it I know there is nothing worse than migraine i get constant headaches but haven't been diagnosed as migraine yet. hugs Lesley x


thankyou for your support i got my migrain tablets changed and my sleepers changed lol

love and gentle hugs to all xx


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