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What a difference a day makes or maybe that should be Yesterday ( all my troubles seemed so far away)

Hi all.

Did anyone have sunshine yesterday? I did, and I felt sooooo good. My cold was getting better, I didn't ache too much and I even got out in the garden and sorted out a few bits in my greenhouse.

I was amazed when I woke this morning to the rain absolutely pouring down. I have to walk a couple of dogs and back came the aches, the nose is running and I am coughing again............groan.

Only in England! Some peeps have said how heat works for them. For our 50th birthdays hubby and I went back to Marrakesh last year for a week. We spend most of our days on the sun terrace of the Riad reading and relaxing as it was in the 90's and do you know, I hardly had any pain at all, shame we can't all afford to go and live somewhere hot??? Just an idea :-p

Hugs to you all and try and get some sleep if you can.

Thank you all for being here.


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hi yeah haet certainly works for me not get risd of the pain jus soothes it for a bit love to you diddle x


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