Back from hospital

have been in hospital for 3 days due to a diverticular flare. ME and Fibro now in full swing as they dive on when I am physically weakened after an attack. Cant sit, stand or lie down because I get shooting pains through the pressure points all over my body, so if I sit its in my thighs, back and bum, lie down its everywhere, stand - which I can do for about 30 seconds only- pains through my feet into my calves. Struggling at the moment

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  • You poor thing! They let you home like that? I hope you find a way to get comfy soon. Thoughts with you. xx

  • o sweetie, you poor thing!! sending you love and hugs xxxx

  • hii i agree how can they let you home in such a state? hope you have got some help from either fam or friends xx Take care x

  • Hi julieru,

    I am sorry you are feeling like that hun,

    Just want to send you a very gentle big hug.

    kel xxx

  • Ah bless ya, sorry to here that you have been in hospital. Sending you my best wishes. Take care of you.

    Lou x x

  • thankyou everyone. Pain is a lonely experience. It sorts out friends and partners into those who support us and those who dont. I am home alone, my carers are here for only 2 hours a day, so its hard to manage between care calls. I have taken as many meds as I dare, but still the pain invades every cell in my body. My diverticulitis cant be operated on or healed, just the pain meds mask the damage so I can function, but still it breaks through. I am exhausted holding on, not sure how much longer I can keep fighting

  • Are you getting any treatments for myofascial pain? It sounds like you may be describing myofascial trigger points.

    Hope the flare eases off soon. Have you and your doctor worked out anything as a flare plan?

  • I take targinact (opiod painkiller), buscopan for the diverticular pain, take Ramipril (ACE inhibitor) for angina and take 1500mg gabapentin for fibro. Once I have a diverticular flare, inevitably the fibro and ME/CFS strike while I am down. A diverticular flare ALWAYS results in hospitalisation for several days or weeks depending on the severity of the flare. Something is always active which causes pain, just I have to keep upping the meds I take to keep it under control. I am becoming so immune to pain meds it took 20ml of IV Morphine to take the edge off the diverticular flare. i remember the good old days when 5ml would put me on the floor sound asleep. The pain is relentless, just depends on the level. I have justlooked at myofascial trigger points, didnt know about it before. Have no idea who to go for for treatment. Any ideas?

  • Aw hopethey dont let you home until it has all settled it sounds awful you poor thing x love to yu diddle x

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