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I cannot believe how the weather has changed so much in the last 2 hours !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

it is now raining so hard and blowing everywhere . i had 3 people coming for car 1 came jus before the rain and offered £450 i aid no but will call if we get stuck apparently they had ben on line as they had the number plate of the car as they sort it on side of road yesterday and went on DVLA where thereis aplace you can go and see the cars last mot and even worse see the advisories if irt had anty!!!

well last mot it had we knew this year it would need alot of welding underneath so i suppose they offered the price baring in mind the cost of any parts and work that needed doing

oh well 2 more to go if they turn up lol

hope the weather is better where you are ?

couldnt be worse lol love diddle x

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no diddle its awful here aswell :(

really dont want to go out in that lol

hope you manage to sell the car soon though xxx


we have a flooded patio and its going into the garage now . awfull weather x


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