Why is my sleep pattern so variable??

I woke up after going to bed at 05:00am, normalish time for me. It helps having my partner in Florida. I normally get up around 10:00am of 11:000am. 4-5 Hours sleep!

But if I go to bed say 11:00pm, I will be asleep until 2:00am. Why can I not Have to fight for sleep? Perhaps if I was in the States with Barry, I might be ok? xx

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  • HI suzy,

    Do you take anything to help you sleep hun?

    I had horrible sleep patterns two years ago, i used to be awake constantly in bed then day came and all i wanted to do was sleep, but still couldnt manage anymore than half an hour.

    I begged my gp to do something as i had kids and i was no use to them. She tried me on amitriplyn and it helps me so much.

    Its not alright for everybody and somepeople i have heard it doesnt work atall.

    I hope you find something that helps as its horrible not sleeping, you can join diddles club, as she never sleeps. :(

    hugs, kel xxxx

  • Hi Jazher. Yes I do ! I have Amitriptyline 50mg . I will join her club, as I seem to survive on just a few hors here and there. ( I am waiting for Diddles to Ask me to join) Lol!! having little ones is stressfull enough. but no sleep too?...for get that! (Did you ever try the whisky bottle?) Haha!

  • Hi suzy,

    I am on 75mg of amitriplyn, it must be hard work taking it and it not working. :(

    I do hope you find somethiing too.

    I like vodka lol. Yes i do have few weekends where vodka is needed too and i wake up every morning with a hangover anyway so a proper hangover doesnt affect me any worse lol.

    hugs, kel xxxx

  • hi yeah it may be worth trip to your GP and see if he can recomemed anythin i too am on amitriptyline iwas on 3 a night made no difference so doc dropped me down to one still no difference lol

    just think i am weird !!!

    you could always book a flight to Florida ??? see if you can get the ticket on prescription lol good luck love to you diddle xxx

  • Diddle, you are so funny and so sweet! I will go see him, but he just say's I am not trying hard enough. I have had enough of the Amitryptiline 50mg, It just is not enough..No! Your like me and all our other family of sufferers...your Unique! Not weird!! :)) I would Book that Flight too Barry today if I could afford it? But he is Home in June so not long to wait now. His Mum will Help if needed? But we have it covered. I just can't wait For Bear to get here! xxxx

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